A few years ago, I asked my wife if she would join me at a nudist resort. She said no way. I do not have the body that I used to have. So, I decided to go anyway. I expected to find many things of a sexual nature going on. Too my surprise it was just the opposite. After paying a small fee to enter the resort; I was reluctant to get naked. After all, I do not have a very athletic body. After swallowing my pride, I decided to take it all off.
There were men and woman walking, playing and relaxing. The center of attention was the pool area. I struck up a conversation with an older gentleman and asked him why he decided to engage in that  type of lifestyle.  "I enjoy the freedom of not being bound by clothing" was his answer.
I too enjoyed the freedom of being nude for that day!   When the clothing came off---- so did the exterior barrier that we hide behind. There were many woman around of every shape and size. Yet , I did not get sexually aroused, to my surprise. It was a natural state to be in!  Swimming in the pool ,walking around the resort and enjoying the sites was one of the best experiences in my life!!! I recommend the nude lifestyle to anyone!!!  
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Jul 10, 2010