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Helping Out My Sister

In another story I wrote a few days ago I shared how I came to love exhibitionisum with help from my sister. As I earlier said, my sister had seen me naked many times growing up in a large family and neither of us had a problem with that. After she let a freind of hers see me naked I told her that it was a turn on for me so she said she wanted me to do her a favor. I told her no problem whatever she needed.

Sis had another GF who was kinda out going and apparerntly thought I was good looking for a younger guy. Sis wanted me to get naked for her GF. I was definately all for that because I thought her friend was very hot looking. A couple of days later our parents were gone for the day and Sis told me that she was going to get Sandy and bring her over to swim, and she told me to surprise Sandy.

I went out and jumped in the pool to get wet and went back inside when I knew they would be coming back. When my sis pulled in the drive I took off my suit and left it just inside the patio door so she would see it when they came in. As soon as they came in the house my sister saw my suit and said to Sandy why does he always leave his damn suit laying in the middle of the floor. That was my cue.

I walked around the corner into the room as if I was coming from the back bath. I was completely naked and somewhat aroused because I knew that Sandy was going to get an eye full. Sandy turned to see me and she said hi, not expecting any company. I pretended to be embarrased and asked my sister where my suit was. She said that she threw out on the deck and to get it myself. I said I can't go out there like this and to please get it for me. She said to wait there and she would be back in a minute with it.

Sis headed for the door and Sandy continued to stare at me smiling. Sandy laughed and said that she wasn't expecting a free show today but that she was enjoying it. I said, well not much I can do about it now. Sandy continued to look me up and down and she laughed alittle and said looks like your getting alittle worked up. She was right because by that time my 17 year old **** was about 3/4 hard and well on it's way.

About then my sis came in with my suit and and looked at me and said can't you control that thing (It was the first and only time she saw me with a hard on). I said sorry I couldn't and asked again for my suit. She said I guess, and Sandy interrupted her saying hey just leave him like that. Sis said I should but threw my suit over to me and I put it on.

The whole ordeal lasted only a few minutes but it was one of my favorite experiences. Sandy was teased the hell out of me the rest of the day about seeing me naked and with a hard on. When she left a few hours later she came over to me and whispered that she thought I looked great naked and gave me a pat on my **** through my suit. I was hoping for more but that was enough for that day.

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Too bad you put it back on. A lot more fun staying nude around clothed women (girls).

I was with a friend that said I can stay nude all the time at her home I walked to get a beer and the main door opened her bi friend just walked in and here I'm hard and still playing they both lived watching my **** wobble and watched me ********** not ******* then I was told to go to the next bedroom the window was in full view of a 56 year old woman yes she seen me as I looked in to a mirror bet she had lots to say to the galls some time later we all went to Hawaii and shaved each other and were nude for the maid a young teen she sure looked at us lol love been 23

I really enjoyed the story and the way Sis helped you out She is a charmer!.<br />
<br />
<br />
My sister saw me naked and hard many times....and was usually the one that caused it.

what a great relationship, am glad you both got something out of it.

My sister and I were great and still are friends. Maybe she did to some extent but more than anything she knew that I got off on being seen.

Sounds like your sister kind of enjoyed showing you off.

That was truly thoughtful of her. Fate has a way of twisting and turning, but I'm glad both of you got to benefit from your sister's idea.

Sandy was a bit of a tease. Later that summer she was over swimming and let her top come off, she said accidently. She did give me nice long look before putting her top back on and told me we were even. That was it unfortunately because she was hot but had a steady BF she eventually married.

Wow, great story! Is there a follow-up story or did nothing else come of it?