A Question Really

.. I would love for my wife to be flashed.. i would love for her to get an eyeful of another mans penis and balls.. she loves balls and ***'s.. can anyone give any hints of where we may go.. or what we may do that would up her chances of being flashed.. especially in a somewhat safe environment... don't want her scared or threatend...she is retired now.. she used to see guys on the subway occasionally who had on baggy shorts and she might see a package here and there... a glimpse in the dark .. in underwear... maybe a jogger or bike rider in clingy spandex... is there any signal that you welcome it... or any situation that is a common place or way you do it...
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5 Responses May 18, 2012

See if you can find a guy that wants to be naked but hasn't had the opportunity as yet. He will probably do whatever you want just to have the experience. CFNM for her!

Come visit me in Vancouver I will make sure she gets a great view of my balls

What works best for my wife is:
1) a nude swim or skinny dip with another couple
2) a good old fashion biker party, lots of nudity, adult contests (like a wet tee) including men usually ends up full nudity

My wife is very upscale, so we need to be away from home for #2.

I love to wear loose shorts at the river and no underwear and let women see up the leg. Accidentally, of course.

i'm the same way..want my gf to go to ***** club or something like that