Tent On The Bike

I'm doing night shifts now days. I leave for home at around 5 am.There are no much people to be seen around except for some joggers and morning walkers. Once I crossed by a beautiful lady and honked my horn at her (slowing my bike). She just smiled and passed by. The next morning I was wearing a lower with no under wear and was riding my bike while stroking my shaft with one hand. I had a massive tent and it was visible it was already dawn. I was getting some pretty stares. Since then I always drive by from office till home with no underwear and my shaft hard under my lower. I was lucky enough to get ******** and a few ***king sessions.
secsyhunk secsyhunk
31-35, M
1 Response May 21, 2012

hot story, glad your getting action on the bike rides. sounds fun, I must try this too.