Hot Time In The Post Office

My company ships all over the country. I'm in the local post office just a couple of doors down the street 3-4 times a day. Its a small office and my business is their best customer. Most of the day after the carriers have left on their routes the only person in the place is the postmaster. The great thing about this postmaster is she's about 40, pretty hot and loves to dress to show it. Low cut tops, sheer bras, short skirts, likes to lean over and show her ****. Yum!

When I deliver a load she opens up the door and I go right into the back where the mail processing area is. She bends over alot helping me pick up packages and put them where they need to go. The view is great and she knows I'm checking her out. Sometimes when she knows her nips are showing she'll stay down just a little longer and give a shake or two as well. She'll wear mini skirts with a slit up the front and every once in a while I'll get a view of her sheer thong panties, with her shaved ***** showing through.

She was having computer trouble one day and was crawling around on the floor and happened to be wearing one of her shortest skirts. Again, its a small office and the space around her desk is very tight. No one else was in the place and i spent the better part of an hour with her on our hands and knees tracing cords and helping her sort things out. We were moving around in this small, cramped area, she was sitting, standing, on her knees.. I was having a great time enjoying the view. Several times her bare (thonged) *** was staring me in the face at a distance of about 12 inches. At first her ***** was covered but moving around in this tight little space the way we were, her thong eventually slid over to one side baring her hot little *****.

She was glistening, and I was hard. Man I wanted to **** her right there! When we finished working behind the desk, I stood up first, and that put me in the awkward position of my raging hard on bulging out my jeans right about at her face level. While I reached down to give her a hand up there was no way she could miss it. She did have a nice long look and all she could do was apologize over and over. I told her no worries, and that i was glad to be able to help.

I love my job!
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2 Responses May 24, 2012

Outstanding! Honestly, I have no desire to have sex with any woman other than my gorgeous wife. But I do enjoy the attitude of the teasing, sexy woman who loves to flirt and show off. Well done, sir!

To me, the tease is 100% better than just pounding them instantly. I love those peeks.<br />
Good story!!