Nude Mailbox

After getting up in the morning and had breakfast all naked because no one was home I constantly check out the front of the house through the blinds in case of visitors, family or friends, I noticed something in the magazine slot of the mailbox I knew I shouldn't but I opened the front door stepped outside slowly, checking up and down the street all looked quiet so I walked to the mailbox pulled out the advertising catalogue and then I heard the car start up from up the road. I looked up but did not recognize the car as one of the neighbours so just briskly walked back to the house got inside and checked through the blinds to see the result. The car had paused outside the house for a minute before driving off.
I found out about a week later it was my neighbours 18 year old daughter who got straight onto the phone to tell her dad which as it worked out my wife, daughter and myself had been invited to a barbecue one week before. It was a little bit embarrassing but I am probably more worried about my wife finding out than the fact that the neighbour knows because he did not seem to bothered about it. In fact he just joked about it. As embarrassed as I felt there was still this feeling down in my stomach that makes me want to do it again, but I dont know if I dare.
beseen beseen
51-55, M
Sep 10, 2012