Nude By The River

Being an exhabitionist about five years ago i registered with an agency as a life model for artists and students, and got quite a bit of work, both individual private sits for artists, and group sits for students.
Once i got to know a couple of mature art students in the pub after a sit, they asked me if i did any private work as they couldn't afford the agency fees all the time, so being an exhabitionist i said that i'd sit for them for free if it helped them, and did several weekend sits for them free of charge.
One of the male students i sat for was recently divorced, and now lived in a very small flat with limited space, i'll call him 'Jack', and he and I had a more sexual relationship as well as student and model.
With the limited space in his flat for posing i surgested that we did some outdoor work as i knew a few spots in the countryside that i'd been able ***** off and sunbathe naked without being disturbed, so when the weather was fine we headed to the great outdoors.
This went on for some time and we were occationally joined by some of the other students, where instead of painting me they often concentrated on landscapes, and left me to enjoy the sun, mainly in my usual state of nudity.
Last year we had some barmy weather in October with temperatures well into the twenty's, several of my art student friends had planned a trip to paint some of the scenery around the upper reaches of the river Thames or Isis as it's called up there.
Having parked our cars near a lock we walked for more than a mile along the river bank before finding the spot that they wanted, it was a nice spot just on the curve of the river with several clumps of reeds growing at the edge of the river.
While they set up there eisles and began to paint, i set up a blanket and laid out in the sun listening to Ken Bruce on the radio as it was a week day.
At first i didn't ***** naked as i was worried about being seen from any passing boats dispite being so late in the season, but having seen no one in the first hour my 'want to be naked' got the better of me and off came my shorts.
There i stayed until lunch, which we all shared having each brought something differant to share out, and we all had quite a picnic.
After lunch and bouyed by the fact that we still hadn't seen anyone, i decided to have a cooling dip in the river, on my way in Jack called out 'stay there Tom i'll paint you standing in the river' so i stood there in the freezing water for nearly half an hour being painted as i stepped naked into the river.
It was while i stood there fully exposed to any passing boat, that the days one and only river cruiser rounded the corner towards us, it was so quiet that i didn't see it until it was too late, and with my now frozen legs refusing to move too quickly, i couldn't get out of the river and cover up before being seen, my only option was to smile and wave at the boat as it passed with several giggling passengers on board taking photo's of the naked man in the river.
The boat then turned around and came back again for more photos to be taken, giving time for my companions also giggling at my predicament, to get their camera's out and take a few shots of me waving at the boat as it passed, Jack added the boat from his photo to his painting later that week.
After the third pass the boat continued on it's way towards Oxford, and having no doubt made several peoples day i finally got out of the river and tried to warm up my frozen limbs, my companions were still giggling and i couldn't help but find the humour in the situation myself, it also felt good knowing that several people had enjoyed seeing my ****, and the thought of the number of people those photograph's might be shown to was quite a turn on.
My legs soon warmed up in the balmy October sun and i enjoyed the rest of the day undisturbed on the river bank, and having seen no one walking that day, when we packed up i stayed naked until we were in sight of the lock and car park, before finally relenting and put my short on.
If i'd gone wearing one of my extra long t-shirts (they hang low enough to cover the bum) then i'd have only worn that as there seemed to be nobody else around, but the t-shirt i had with me was a little short to be worn bare arsed, so sadly it had to be shorts, only as far as the car mind, they came off again for the drive home.
barearse barearse
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thanks spangle, it was fun