My Exhibitionism

Exhibitionism is not walking around without a stitch in the house, on the beach or on the streets – that is nudism. It is all very well to feel carefree and liberated but nudism is a different genre altogether. If everything is hanging out in the open for everyone to see, then there is no charm, no thrill. For all you know, people might not even give you a second glance.
Exhibitionism should have some element of it being forbidden – not being in the place you are and doing something you are not supposed to be doing. Exposing yourself with a certain amount of subterfuge / camouflage, targeting a willing or unwilling viewer (voyeur) but keeping a safe distance, there lies the thrill and sexual high of exhibitionism. One caution though, you have to be very careful to be on the right side of the law. At least that is my understanding.
I have been an avid exhibitionist ever since the time I hit puberty. Rapid changes in the body and raging hormones made adolescence a period of curiosity, exploration (with myself and others), voyeurism (to see and understand the female body) and exhibitionism. I have had endless experiences of exposing myself and sometimes ************ right through to *********** in different scenarios. It all started as a young boy, letting the neighbour’s daughter see me through the open windows of my bedroom or washroom; doing it at the windows of hotel rooms and letting the female guests & hotel maids in the rooms opposite mine see me and also, at times, the risky proposition of exposing myself in public transport.
I will now try and recount an ongoing experience I have been enjoying over the last couple of years. This is about the housemaid/s (there have been a string of them, in the age group of 20-25 yrs, over the years) working in a house which is situated about ten metres from my house. At times, I noticed them out on the balcony – either drying & combing their hair after a bath, hanging their clothes on the clothesline on the terrace or generally hanging out on their balcony and watching the world go by below.
Slowly, a naughty & wicked idea started developing in my mind, I decided to expose myself to them. I noted their routine, which generally followed a set pattern and found the best time would be late at night, when they would be out on the balcony gossiping, with the whole neighbourhood asleep. Initially, I would just pull down the waistband of my shorts and let my T-shirt cover my genitals. No one could see anything, except when I would raise my arms, as if to yawn, the T would ride up and expose my flaccid state. It took some time for them to notice, when they finally did, the surprise on their faces and their giggles said it all.
After doing this exercise for a couple of days, I became confident that they were neither offended / affronted nor disgusted, by my exposure. I decide to step up my game; my balcony is half covered by a tree and I found that if I went to the farthest corner of the balcony, I would most certainly be hidden from everyone except them. I was well camouflaged by the shadow of the tree and with shafts of streetlight filtering in through the foliage, creating a beautiful chiaroscuro pattern. Brilliant – these shafts of light would become my spotlights. I now carefully positioned my growing shaft in one of these spotlights and started stroking. From their angle of view, all they could see was a hand moving up & down a rigid piece of meat, though they obviously knew who it belonged to, they had been initiated quite thoroughly. Well, till now it was just a naughty game I was playing but now I had made a serious statement of intent – would they bite the line ?
Ooh, la la – they fell for it hook, line & sinker. After the initial shock & surprise, they just stood and stared, actually they sat down to see the final act unfold in front of their disbelieving eyes. Seriously, by now I was damn sure that they were actually enjoying and eagerly looking forward to our nightly tryst. That was their tacit approval, emboldened, I went into top gear. I took off all my clothes and went for it. Oh, what joy, what thrill, what a high and the icing on the cake was the look on their faces when I started spewing my ***, load after load, spraying all over the balcony. Whew, that release was mind blowing, earth shattering. There was a satiated grin on all our faces – for me, t was mission accomplished.

Note: This was my first story, I tried, I hope there will be more. Do give your comments, I would really appreciate some feedback, both positive & negative. My next post would be a story which is not mine. It was posted on the site – SOLOTOUCH, which I will reproduce, for me, it is the perfect example of what I understand as Exhibitionism. Thanks.
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Jan 16, 2013