I All Just Started From Being Horny And A Dare Between Mates.

Well i guess I've been an Exhibitionist since hitting puberty and being able to shoot a decent size load of ***. First thing that got me interested was just by being dared to skinny dip by my best mate, who i had been jacking off with for awhile and we still do.

He dared me to walk to the lounge chair at the side of the pool in his backyard, ***** naked and swim two laps, then pick up my clothing and walk back into his house naked just holding my clothes. So i did, and once i got inside he showed me something.

From his kitchen it looked down onto the pool, but also over the neighbours fence and into there backyard. Then i noticed his neighbour in the backyard and she'd just seen the whole thing. She was 30-40ish but had a good body and appeared not bothered by what she'd just seen and she a perfect view.

So next day I told my mate that he was joining me naked in the pool. We both did it, swum for about 10mins then picked up our clothes and walked back inside. Looked from his kitchen and she was there, but didn't seem to care at all.

So 3rd and this time my mates parents wouldn't be home til the evening, so I dared him to step up and go for more. We waited in his kitchen until we saw her walk out into her yard and it was game on..

We walked down to the pool and started stripping, as we did my mate was say to me "how great it is to swim naked, & how its awesome we have a private pool"
I said "yeah once your parents go to work we've go this to ourselves and no-one can see us"
He winked at me and said " Wanna do more than swim dude?" I just said "hell yeah! I've been dying to jack off out here"

We laid there on the lounges by the pool jacking away, then decided to give each other a helping hand until we both sprayed our loads, the whole time facing towards his neighbour who watched the entire show.
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I want to move in next door to your mate!