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I also like to expose my figure. I feel confident and poised. But before informing you my exhibition story let me tell you about my figure. I'm 5'8 inches tall, having 34D breast size with 26 inches waist and 36 inches buttocks. I think its a perfect figure for a woman. As I mentioned in my earlier stories that I don't wear panties, as my husband loves to see me like that, I was a bit worried on the first day when I went to my office without panties.

I was wearing a tight blue denim skirt but quite short along with a white silk shirt and a blue halter neck jacket and 4 inches heels. For office it was a perfect dress. I opened first two buttons of my shirt from the top to flaunt my cleavage a little. My glass cabin is just in front of my boss's cabin. After taking lunch I was working on a new project achieved by my company. As I was totally into my work my legs were a bit apart. My boss was noticing me for around half an hour. That I didn't notice. I saw him and smiled on him. But when I noticed that he is starring me for quite a long time, my senses reached to my sitting posture. 

I was a bit embarrassed at that moment. My boss came to my cabin and said, "Hey Kate. Nice dress. I must say you are looking amazing." I replied, "Thanks." He came and sat in front of me and said, "Just a simple thanks. That's not fair. You are so sexy and in my views you are the most sexy woman in our office. I came to know that many of the guys in our office want to have an affair with you." I was a bit uncomfortable with his words, but at the same time I was taking pride by thinking about my flawless body.

When I came back home, I narrated the story to my husband. He smiled and replied, "My wife is damn sexy. Everybody will try to have sex with you. But you were looking damn beautiful today, you should have encouraged your boss." Though this exhibition incident wasn't intentional but it made me proud and more confident about my body.

- Kate
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great story ,,! !! I bet you was wet all day ?

oh yes that's right........

I bet hubby ****** you really good when you got home you could not wait to feel him in your wet ***** ! ! ! ?

ha ha ha.....that's right......he is very could in ******* me......

kate you are awsomely a very sexy woman

thank you honey.....i just try to keep myself sexy that everyone can appreciate me

thank you honey......mmmuuuaaah

And that was the first day !;-) bet you really like to tease them now!? Xo

is there any problem in teasing????

Not at all to me!! ;-) show me more lol

i really don't think so that showing off is bad........:P

The braless look is definitely best. Much more natural that way. Besides, bras were invented by men solely to keep women all bound up and make them uncomfortable. Part of the culture way way back when.

wow you are absolutely right........that's why I have left them wearing.......& now without bras and panties I feel much more comfortable, feminine, beautiful and curvaceous.....& I feel nice when my boobs are tossing behind my top/t-shirt and my ***** is get the soft touch of the jeans and my own skin feels awesome & more pleasurable......:)

Let us know when you get rid of them. Throwing them all out insures that you won't be tempted to wear them again. And then let us know your husband's reaction.

@PrincessCleo he is always in a support of leaving wearing those bras & panties...but I wear bras sometimes going out as my boobs are a but big......& may be they will look bad without bras....but I'm trying my level best to leave them......:)

I know what you mean. It was much more difficult for me to stop wearing bras, especially to work, but after my daughters burned them late on a Sunday evening, I had to go to work on Monday morning not wearing one. I'd been trying to make the committment to stop, as I hadn't been wearing panties for a month or more, but couldn't make the leap to going braless at work.
On that day, I had no choice. I was working a shift job at that time, and had to go in at 5:00am the next morning. I put on a tank top under my blouse to try to conceal my nipples. After awhile, I discovered nipple covers, which are like pasties, but very plain. They keep you from having pokies while wearing tops with thin fabric.
But if you're serious about it, I'd start by going braless at all times except to work. Then on a cool day, I'd put on multiple tank tops under my blouse till you get comfortable with it.
In 2011, hubby and I were in a Wal-mart in another town and an attractive lady in her seventies walked by us wearing a white top with boobies swinging freely. She smiled at me (noticing my nipples through my tanktop), and my husband said. "I hope you're still that courageous when you're that age."
He loves braless women no matter their shape or age (except the morbidly obese-but I guess that goes without saying)
Good luck honey. Practice makes Perfect :-)

@PrincessCleo.........thanks a lot for encouraging so much.....i only go to office in my breas........but not in the market or anywhere else......but you know my hubby also love me in without bras.......but few people here are abusing me by saying that I'm cheap......I should wear bras & panties....I'm very confused what to do???

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Honey, you need to get rid of those bras and panties completely. Empty out your dresser and put them in the trash. Once you start going braless to work, you'll wonder why you ever wore one in the first place. I've been braless for 21 years, and hubby loves it. He says no matter how they may look in the future, he doesn't ever want me to wear a bra.

Hey dear thanks a lot for your precious suggestion.......Earlier I used to feel shame...but now I'm enjoying going out bra-less and you are correct my hubby also likes my body in bra-less......Sometimes he even check my boobs by removing my top whether I'm bra-less or not......LOL

See my story called "My Daughters Burned Them." It was the day that changed my life (and others as well) forever. :-)

Oh wow that's really amazing......I'll surely remove all my bras and panties from the wardrobe......

Let me know how it goes.

ya obviously........

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I am jealous! Great story and looking to read more.

Hey don't be jealous........I have posted some more stories on my profile you can surely go through them........:)