Sheer Top - No Bra

On Friday James and I were at the city. We were planning to go to an adult store to do some flashing but I got a little lost and time was scarce. It was surprisingly nice weather (winter is drawing to an end) so I was wearing a see through top (no bra) and a flowly skirt pulled up high (no panties).

We were waiting to have a little webcam fun at James’s office but there were a few people who were still there around 6pm. Since they were around we decided to go for a walk. I took my jacket just in case but didn’t plan on wearing it for long. Once down the elevator and outside the building, I took the jacket off and felt a huge rush. It was dark which meant the top wasn’t as see through as if it were sunny, but it was defiantly still see through, especially when walking past the bright street lights or lights from the stores/clubs around.

We walked up and down the busy road walking past guys and girls alike. I loved the few looks I got (the few that noticed and took that second look at my boobs). It felt incredibly exciting to be so exposed. To everyone else I either looked like a **** or someone who didn’t realise their top was see through. As we walked we would stop every so often for James to grab a picture.

We went inside a convenient store which was much brighter. There was an older man waiting for someone at the counter. As we walked in I could see his eyes fall on my chest. We walked past to behind the shelves somewhat hidden. Since I wasn’t wearing panties I bent over to ‘pretend’ to get a drink out of the refrigerator. As I did my skirt rode up and I held that position (with my *** and ***** showing till James took a picture on his phone). I posed for a few shots since it was much brighter inside the store and my top was a lot more see through. Once done we walked back outside and the older man got a better look given the bright lighting.

Excited by the fact I had ‘accidentally’ flashed him, we continued on our walk. We walked back towards James’s office but James wanted me to be even more daring. He told me to lift my skirt up even more. It was already just below my *** but I pulled it up further till my cheeks just poked through. If I walked up stairs, anyone behind me would have got a clear look at my *** and *****. I walked like that for a few minutes, loving feeling how exposed I was. Every so often James wouldn’t be able to resist and would squeeze my ***, lifting my skirt ever so slightly.

Once near James’s office we noticed an alley. We went down the alley and stopped outside a gym. The gym was closed but the lighting was still ok around the gym.

“Take off your skirt and walk like that till we get to the office”, he dared.

The thought terrified me, but at the same time I wanted to do it. His office was about 50-75m away, so only about 20-30 seconds but there were cars everywhere and people walking along the street.

After a little bit of persuasion, I decided to take off my skirt. As I did, just my luck, a car drove into the alley and went by (as I was standing hiding behind James wearing only this see through top). The top was long at the back so it fell just below my ***, but just stopped above my ***** so it left my ***** exposed.

I was petrified. James kept assuring me it wasn’t that see through but I didn’t believe him. He took a video to prove it but to me, it was still see through. Seeing no way out of it and considering James had my skirt, I decided the only way I would do it was with my jacket on. The jacket wasn’t long either, it stopped at my waist, so this transparent top was the only thing covering my ***. I didn’t do the jumper up at the front either.

I nervously walked to the edge of the alley and stopped. Two ladies were walking along the path. I waited till they walked past, took a deep breath and rushed towards the office. I tried to act casual but my heart was pounding in my chest. As we got closer to his office James took his time taking out his keycard. Frustrated, I stood there telling him to hurry up as I felt so exposed standing out on the street.

Once in the lobby I relaxed a little. James pressed up to get to his level and as he did, I started putting on my skirt. At that exact time, the lifts opened and an Asian lady walked out. She was on her phone so I’m not sure if she realized but just my luck. There was hardly anyone left in the building and at that time, just when we were going up, someone was coming down.

Despite how scary the experience was, it was very exciting. I loved knowing I was exposing myself…it made me feel sexy. I loved those second glances from the guys, especially when I was standing on the path taking a picture. It was so titillating every time a guy walked past as I wondered if they noticed or not. It made it all the more fun when some of them would turn their heads and look at my chest as they walked by.

Can’t wait to do this during the day next ;)
haleyandjames123 haleyandjames123
Sep 1, 2013