Male Brazilian Wax Fun

I am a 55 year old man. I have a big exhibitionist streak but I am a gentleman. I do not flash women. I seek situations where I can expose myself to attractive young women without upsetting them.

My favorite hobby lately is getting Brazilian waxed by my lovely 30 year old aesthetician. I have been waxed by six different women but my current waxer is by far my favorite.

Jennifer is a pretty brunette with big blue eyes and full lips. She is very pleasant and friendly. She has a very feminine voice and warm hands.

I go into her waxing room alone, draw the curtain and undress completely. I adjust the head of the waxing table high so that I can watch her work. I then lay on the table and cover myself with a threadbare sheet.

Her table sits on a 12" tall platform, making it easier for her to work without having to bend over very much.

As soon as she enters the room I remove the sheet, fold it and place it under my head like a pillow. I am now completely nude in front of a pretty young woman.

I always take Viagra before my sessions so that I will have a full erection throughout most of the process.

She puts on thin gloves and begins cleaning my genitals with a cotton pad saturated with cleaning solvent. If I don't have an erection before she starts this, I always do by the time she finishes this step.

Next she shakes talcum powder onto my genitals and rubs it in. Then she moves my penis around while she looks for a place to start waxing.

She almost always holds my penis with one hand while applying wax with the other. Even when she waxes my scrotum she stretches the skin over the base of my penis with the palm of her hand and holds it there.

Other waxers have seemed to avoid handling my penis but Jennifer handles it at every possible opportunity. She never does anything unprofessional but she does handle my penis a lot. I love it.

And I love watching her hold my big hard penis, with her face just a few inches away from it. When she lets go of it to turn and get more wax it bobs in the air. I get a thrill when she turns back around to see it throbbing and I see her looking at it and I see her take it in her small hand.

By this time my penis is oozing clear pre-********* fluid and if there is very much of it she stops, gets a towel and wipes off the head of my penis. She doesn't say anything about it and neither do I.

We talk small talk the whole time. Sometimes she starts telling me a story and looks me in the eye, smiling and talking while holding my erect penis in her hand. Those moments are precious to me.

The initial cleaning solvent is cold and feels good. The powdering feels slick and good. It feels great when she spreads the warm wax on me. Her hand moving my testicles around and holding my penis feels wonderful.

The only part that isn't pleasant is when the wax is quickly ripped off. It stings for a second but it's not bad. And she immediately places a comforting hand on the area just stung. It's a very nice touch.

In my case the sting is minimal because I get waxed very often and there isn't very much hair. The denser the hair is the more it hurts to pull it out. I get waxed every one or two weeks so there is only about a quarter of the hair I started with.

Jennifer waxes my pubic mound, my scrotum and the underside of my penis while I lay on my back. She waxes my penis even when it desn't need it. It is a beautiful sensation to have warm wax spread on the underside of my erect penis.

She then spends a long unhurried time tweezing hairs from my penis and scrotum with her bare forearms resting on my naked body and her breasts pressed against my thigh and my side. She puts her face scant inches from me when she is tweezing.

She holds my erect penis with the fingertips of both hands and moves it this way and that looking for tiny hairs. Her face is so close I feel her warm breath on me. I'm in heaven.

When she finishes the front she has me get on all fours wirh my chest low and my butt in the air. She then waxes the underside of my scrotum, my perineum and between my buttocks.

When she is finished with the waxing she pours cleaning lotion into her gloved hands and rubs her hands together to warm the lotion. She then rubs the lotion between my buttocks and into my perineum and the underside of my scrotum.

She massages the lotion in while I try very hard not to groan with sheer ecstasy. Sometimes she massages the lotion all over my entire dangling scrotum while I am in this position. This always gives me a very hard and throbbing erection.

She wipes the lotion off with a cold wet towel then has me get on my back again. She then rubs more lotion into my scrotum and penis. She never does a stroking motion with her hand on my penis but she rubs at the front of my erect penis with her fingertips to loosen the wax, and that feels gresat.

When she is rubbing the lotion in I always want to say, "You can do that as long as you want to." But I'm afraid that I might ruin things if I too openly acknowledge how good it feels.

She wipes off my scrotum and penis with the towel and then announces that we're done. She leaves the room and I quickly ********** into the towel. I work the ***** into the towel to conceal it and then drop it into the hamper.

I would like for her to stay and watch me ********** but, again, I don't want to risk spoiling our present arrangement.

I visit her tomorrow. It has only been a week since she last waxed me but there are some 1/8" hairs here and there.

I love my hobby so very much. It gives me more of an endorphin rush than a massage. It is even better than a happy-ending massage at an oriental spa.

I feel great affection for Jennifer. She is more familiar with my most sensitive areas than any doctor or lover I've ever had. We share a very beautiful, if one-way, intimacy. I feel very blessed.

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I'm a 24 year old male, but look 15, and can't wait to find time to get my first genital waxing.

good story

I wax and have for month thanks to a certain experience
There i was getting a brazillian wax from a cute big breasted blonde blue eyed 27 year old i was hard she was smiling and it felt more like a ******* then a wax. Then just when i thought she was gonna finish me like last time she tokk off her shirt and bra, placed my hands on her breasts, and proceeded to go full force blow on my penis. Shes done this everytime since then and we even hooked up and ****** at my place, not sure if the first time was prostitution but she didnt charge me since.


I have been getting Brazilian waxing for a few years now. It actually started from hearing a radio show talking about how much less the hair grew in after waxing. I have a high pain threshold and decided to give it a shot. The first place I tried was very professional. The tech was attractive but made it a point to tell me how professional she was. While she was working, with me fully nude in front of her, she started telling me about how other guys would try to get "extras". After she was done, she started teasing the random hairs left behind. I did not enjoy that. To finish, she rubbed lotion all over my scrot and shaft (which felt amazing), all the while telling me how lucky I am she was doing this for me (Which was a turn off). My next attempt was to a latin tech who I had gotten massages from before with happy endings. She had just opened up her own shop and wanted new clients. Luckily she remembered me and made it a point to handle my penis as much as possible. I was fully erect almost the entire time. After she would do a pull, she would rub the area lightly, to minimize the pain. Needless to say, when she was done, I was very excited for the finish. She dimmed the lights and proceeded to give me an excellent *******. I went back a few times, before moving away and was able to progress the endings from hand, to oral, to intercourse on a couple of occasions. The sad part is because I moved, I was not able to go back and I have yet to find someone as open to the happy ending since.

Great! Please post more waxing stories!

Where's a good place for this to happen in the Toronto or GTA area?

I get waxed at a Asian spa every 4-6 weeks. I have had the full "Hollywood" a few times but I go to a gym and don't want to appear hairless for some reason, so I have her leave a patch. The woman that owns the place is cute and does a great job, very little pain (considering). After she is done she rubs lotion all over the area that has been waxed. Then she proceeds to give me a happy ending. I am not sure why she started to give me this finish but I sure look forward to getting smooth and jerked off. She is always happy to see me and often charges much less than posted prices.

i love getting waxed but rarely am i erect

I've been going to get waxed for about a year now. The first place I went, I had no idea what a rush it would be. She actually asked me to get it up, and keep it up to make the job easier, and make my shaft clean. After that I started taking a blue pill before going to enhance the experience.

I ask the ladies if it's a problem and they all tell me it's perfectly natural. After all, I'm naked in front of a pretty lady, and she's touching me there. Usually the ladies let me finish in front of them. The European places tend to finish you themselves. The latest lady I went to seemed disturbed by my fullness but, text-ed me afterwards to let me know she would finish me next time I see her.

There's definitely something to the pain of the waxing, and the control of my by the woman that is extremely exhilarating

I've gone to both a female (very cute) and 2 males techs for brazilians. The first male I went to seemed to tease my penis to get me hard (handle it, circle the head with his thumb on my pre-***, etc). When he finished, he bubbed lotion on the areas and eventually stroking me and putting a finger (or two) in my ***. All this was w/out gloves, which was cool!!

This is good to read. I just had my first waxing a couple of months ago. The technician is a very nice, easygoing woman of about 35, named Pia. I felt very comfortable with her. I only got semi-erect for a very short period of time, but of course the whole idea of being completely naked and spread wide in in front of her was intoxicating to be sure .She took her time, kept re-assuring me during the process, and called me "sweetie" each time she gave me a direction. She did an awesome job. <br />
The second time, she was sick and missed work-- I took a chance on a different tech. What a mistake! This other girl worked very fast, it was much more painful, and the results were not near as good. It felt like she couldn't wait to get the whole thing over with. I swore I would use no one but Pia from then on.<br />
The third time, I went back to Pia, and told her my bad experience with the other girl. The nice thing I liked about Pia was that she was ok with me standing there and chatting her while I wore just the smallest of brief underwear. And of course, I enjoyed peeling them off in front of her. Maybe, just maybe, I can get HER to take them off me next time..something I find wildly exciting. This is something I always have the asian girls at the massage place do. It's quite a turn on for me, laying there and having the girl slide my underwear off.<br />
(Does anyone else love that as much as me?)<br />
So the last waxing went great-- Pia did more "handling" of things, and again worked slowly and carefully. I got fully hard at one point, and she, encountering this for the first time, said nothing, and did not react at all. It was a great experience.

I have had a few body waxes myself which included a full brazilian. The last 3 have been with the same girl who I guess is about 25, oriental and looks very nice. She always has me fully undress and tells me to place the towel she gives me over my genitals. They are covered until it comes time to do my brazilian. She then has to move the towel around to expose the areas to get done which means she does eventually see my whole package. When I first started doing waxes I worried about getting erections but they never happened. I guess with the pain that comes along with a wax doesn't get me in a sexually aroused mood. Today I had a wax and it was the same with us just doing small talk and her doing her job. She started the brazilian and usually will do some of it and then do other parts and then come back to it to give that area little breaks. She was waxing my scrotum and it was rather painful. The towel at this point was covering my shaft and only my scrotum was exposed to her. She then moved the towel to begin to do my shaft which made me fully exposed to her now and I know I was very limp. She did grab my shaft and didn't put wax on my shaft but just used a ***** of material with wax already on it. She was putting this piece on material on and off my shaft to remove hairs and it didn't feel painful like when she was doing my scrotum. Actually it was feeling rather nice and beginning to feel a little too nice. I always try to be professional and never sexual with her and all previous sessions have been this way. Today I began to feel things harden up when she was doing that and she was very close to causing me to release my male bodily fluids in her presence. I was about to tell her to stop because I didn't think it would be appropriate for me to have that happen in front of her. Before I had the chance to tell her to stop, I think she realized what was happening. I could feel myself extremely erect now and there no way she could have missed it. She quickly put the towel over it and moved onto another part of my body to wax. I think she was somewhat uncomfortable because before she was constantly chatting away but now didn't say anything for at least a few minutes and avoided eye contact with me. The towel she had over me wasn't laying flat because of my aroused state and I did manage to hold myself back from soaking the towel with my sexual fluids. The waxing continued and eventually my erection began to subside and both of us began to chat like we were doing earlier. She had me flip over to do my backside and I was fully uncovered for this. She didn't have any concern with me being this way. She finished up, I was told to get dressed, paid her and there was no mention of the incident. <br />
I assume things like this occur with males and we can't help it. I just don't know what people usually do in situations like this. Do things just get ignored like we did or should I have brought it up and apologized?

I had my first brazilian waxing today, and before I got changed onto the disposable G-string, my heart was racing with the fear of what I was about to have done.<br />
<br />
The girl that did my waxing was lovely, a very professional girls and at no point did my waxing feel sexual in anyway. We chatted about the small stuff, e.g., what did you get up to in the weekend, how long has she been doing waxing. Are there attention to detail was great as well, making sure nothing was missed.<br />
<br />
I must say I do love the feel and have made a second appointment to keep it smooth.

As frustrating as it may be, a release must never be given as <br />
it would be illegal for the giver AND the receiver.

Hi are you a nurse? How do you know so much about brazillians? Thx!

So I'm not the only one!!!! I have been getting Brazilian waxes for a few years now. I have recently found a woman who not only will wax me undraped but likes to watch me release the tension afterwards. She gets really wet watching me, I know first hand now. She won't do more than watch and let me touch her yet!!! I still go to other women as well for waxing on occasion. I was waxed by a hot Asian woman two weeks ago. When she was applying the pre wax cream on my **** I got rock hard so quickly and she continued simply pushing it aside as needed. She actually joked saying that having it hard makes waxing the shaft easier! Can't wait to go back. Besides I also love the feeling and the arousal I get from having my smooth sac touched. Sometimes I get hard just from the feeling of the sheets on me.

Man,that's hot. I've been getting waxed once and a while for over 20 years, and hate it when a regular esthetician or nail salon woman that is a keeper moves somewhere else. ExhibCanuck, would love to know who/where your waxers are. I am in the Toronto area. And you?

I'm in East Toronto and the women that let me play is in Richmond Hill. Message me and I'll give you the details!

ExhibCanuck could I get the referral as well I'm in the GTA

Nice I been getting my full body waxed including brazilian for the past 2 years. I am on my fourth waxer the first would not do it later. I went to a different place and found a hot MILF she held and worked my tool very well. I went to a different girl a 22 year old cute but she wanted me to hold my gear no thanks later for you. I found her again and went back to the MILF only one time I came close to coming It's hard to come without stroking or vib. I found a new 22 year old waxer I almost came one time but that's it. Last time I swear she stroked my just a little. Another time she knocked off the small towel and my wood was exposed the whole time she did my front. I sure she enjoyed watching my 7 inch meat get hard for her. Now I am going back to the MILF to see if she will release me by accident. I also found a hot asian MILF to wax me I have to try her out next. Waxing is so erotic for me since I have the same gf for a while. It;s so nice to have other new women handle my meat stick.

I share many of the same comments. I find the waxing experience very thrilling, as well as liberating. Much better than a massage. I look forward to the opportunity to be naked with a young girl handling my tackle. I try hard to be erect, but it doesn't happen all the time. Viagra does help and there is nothing like the feeling of sporting a big erection with a young girl you know only professionally. I've ********** just once, and fortunately the girl had no hang ups about it. She was probably more apologetic about it than me. Told me not to worry about it and that she was concerned that I would be okay to continue seeing her. I haven't ********** since, but look forward to the day that it may happen once more.

My only regret is that my pubes dont grow fast enough! I go for a brazilian every 3 weeks. I always get a massive hardon and always try to unload while she is pressing on my ****. I now take 1/2 a viagra to ensure constant and uninterupted hardness. I always wonder what goes through her mind as my legs are spread wide with this full erection under the bright light ... does she get a kick out of it? does she get aroused? I mean, there must be some reaction. I've not dared to ask her as it would cross the line. She has told me though that EVERYONE gets hard and not to worry and that a few do come on occasion but doesnt mind. I am addicted to Brazilians!!!

Wow! Great writing. I really wish I could find an esthetician like Jennifer in Chicago.

you ever find someone in Chicago friend?