My Wife The Exhibitionist

    This story took place on a well-known island with a popular clothing optional beach. Cruise ships frequent it and at one end of the beach is a large, nudist only resort.


Most of the nudist on the beach were from the nude resort. Otherwise it is fully dressed maybe some topless and thongs.


By the time of this trip my and I were pros on clothing optional beaches. She prefers clothing optional to total nude because she gets more attention being nude around people that are largely not nude.


Most of the nudists walking from down the beach were more exhibitionists then nudists. They would often walk well into the clothed area then turn around and walk back to the largely nude area – near the nude resort.


Our fist day on the beach was rather tame. We spent most of the day on the topless area. My wife was wearing a white g-string and shorts and tee shirt. She removed her shorts and tee shirt revealing her micro white bikini. Since our resort was a good walk, – about 15 minutes down a paved path that winded its way around 3 other resorts, and we needed to get a feel for the area. We picked a spot – not too crowded and she got comfortable in the sun on loungers and applied suntan oil. Like I said it was mostly uneventful day, she did get a lot of attention wearing only a g-string. The females tended to blatantly stare while the men were more gentlemen with their trying-not-stare but were staring.


My wife is an out-and-out exhibitionist. She loves attention, wearing short skirts and shows her small breasts through thin shirts without a bra. But she and I especially enjoy when she walks nude on a beach with both other nudists and optional nudists. She loves showing her little hairless ***** the most. She keeps so hair-free and smooth to show how tight the labia are, there is no inner lips visible. 


On our second day, I asked her to be more daring. She said. “What do you mean”? I asked her to only wear her g-string and tank top to the beach. I told her I would carry all the necessary supplies. She only needed to wear her white walking sneakers, socks, and a g-string that obviously shows she was completely bald, showing a clear perfect outlined camel toe and a white tank top. She knows that I love when she is bottomless wearing just a shirt, this outfit would look bottomless. I said to her that when we get to the sand that she should take everything off and go totally naked, even through the non-nude section.


Then we started the 15-minute walk down a path that also went through 3 other resorts.


She said “okay”. But first before she put on anything except her g-string she jumped into the pool that was shared by several other villas. I was preparing the knap sack and heard the splash outside, only to find her splashing around in front of several other couples lounging around the villa. She exited the pool and said, “I’m ready.

I saw that her white g-string was completely see-thru in the tiny front, clearly showing a camel toe. She put on the tank top and her sneakers. And we started to walk towards the beach. From a distance she looked bottomless.


We passed dozens of people walking back towards the resorts. They had a very good long walk at her see thru bikini patch and camel toe. Behind us were also dozens of people making their way to the beach – anyone behind us people had a full 15 minute long show of her g-stringed ***.


We got to the beach and I told the new deal. She had to remove everything, the sneakers, the g-string and the tank top. She obviously obliged. She then asked, “Where do we go now? I don’t see anyone else who is nude here.”


I replied, “most of the people who are nude come from down there, let’s walk down there". She smiled and said, “okay are you sure, that’s really far”. My erection was evidence that I wanted her to walk nude all the way down there. “Yes I said, give me your clothes, so you can walk carrying nothing.” She was not wearing anything, not even make up or jewellery, just as nude as you can get. Her body was also totally hairless. After taking off her clothes she tied her hair into a high ponytail.


“Okay ready?” I said. Without a response she turned around and walked not at the waters edge but through the loungers of people. It took some time before we saw another nude couple walking towards us. I walked several meters behind her and gradually distanced myself so I could get the same rear view as everyone else as she passed. She mostly kept her head down which allowed everyone to stare at her perfect body approaching and leaving. By know I was so behind her that she looked to be entirely alone and just taking a walk. That’s what turns me on the most – seeing her from a distance and watching everyone else look at her body. I knew they could see her yet untanned, puffy slit.


We started to see more and more people nude, most were discreetly lounging. Ahead of us I could see a large group of people approaching us. I soon realized they were disembarked people from a cruise ship. She took a new course that was directing her to the entire middle of this mob of fully dressed people. What was more exciting, most had cameras around their necks. Just before the group she stopped and turned around to find where I was. I was now 30 meters behind her. She stood in the middle of the tourists, posing and pretending to look around for a place to lounge or either pretending to find someone. As I walked closer to her, several of the cruise ship people had their cameras and video taking pictures. She continued to stand there and ignored the pictures. She also knows that I enjoy strangers having nude pictures of her to later ********** to. When we met, “I said to her let’s get to end of the beach and then you pick the spot where to spend the next few hours working on our all-over tans. She agreed, we walked side-by-side. But I followed her lead; she sometimes wandered to back of the beach then back to water.


When we reached the end, she told me she noticed a spot a bit back. “Okay” I said, “let’s go there”.


We found the spot. I noticed that it was adjacent to another young couple. Very good looking couple and totally nude. I could understand why my wife chose this location. I also couldn’t help notice that this girl had a completely bald ***** like my wife’s. It was so smooth that it looked like it never had a hair on it. I also noticed the guys penis was large – it was either very relaxed, hanging long down reaching the towel he was laying on or he started to get fluffed after seeing my wife. My wife and his wife sat the closest while the two husbands on the outside, all of us facing the water. She sometimes faced them with her legs slightly open, I could see them both take glances between her knees whenever they had a chance... and my wife offered them plenty of time looking elsewhere to get a good long view of her bare and puffy lips. I could imagine her slit would've been slightly open offering a glimpse of the delicate soft inside.


We introduced ourselves and got very comfortable with each other, eventually we moved our loungers closer together for our conversation. We shared stories about where we’ve been and what we enjoy doing. We both enjoyed vacationing in places where we can be nude and enjoy a nice beach.


They mentioned they were on one last vacation before they decide to have a child. We asked where they were staying, and she told us, “at the nude resort. Pointing in the direction of a footpath up upon a high top, she said, “it’s up there”. “At the resort everyone is nude. We thought we would try it since this is our last vacation for a while”.


My wife smiled and looked at me. The girl said, “We can show you around if you like?” My wife replied that would be nice. Here was my best chance to let my wife walk around totally nude without me.


I said, “well I’ll stay here and watch our stuff, you go and enjoy the tour. Besides, I forgot something at our villa. I’ll have to go back and get the cooler bag. (Which I didn’t really).


“Okay if you’re sure?” she asked. I said, “ya go, tell me about it when you get back and take lots of pictures.” We said our “see ya later”, and I watched the three of them walk toward the footpath up the hill. She was slightly taller then my wife maybe 5’4”, blonde and a total tan. Her body was more athletic then my wife’s girlish young soft figure.


When they were out of sight. I check out some of the other nude women, relaxed for a bit but on my board shorts then walked back to our villa. My plan was to take a very long time. I needed my shorts because my erection was growing by the second, it was so hard this time I pointed it upward. It was too painful to point it down my leg.


The walk took 30 minutes and when I got back, I whacked off at least 4 times. Then I took a swim to rinse off and took a nap. When I woke 45 minutes later I decided to walk back to our spot. When I arrived almost 2 hours later, our former loungers were taken. I proceeded to find them. Eventually I found them with a group of 40-something who also from the nudist resort.


“So”, I asked, “How was it?”


“It was great,” she said. “There’s large pool, weight room and everyone was totally naked.” “We decided to eat in their room, I wanted to see it but he said he’s a good cook.” In my mind I was thinking and getting hard about my wife walking around totally nude and hairless, wearing nothing, not shoes, jewellery or even makeup, just a ponytail. But the thought that really put me over-the-edge was that she spent lunch with these two attractive people in their private room.


“Oh”, she said, “there was a yoga class by the pool, so we did that for about half an hour”. My God, I couldn’t take it anymore. After ************ four times not two hours ago, my erection was now hurting and throbbing through my board shorts at the image of my wife performing yoga totally nude. Downward dog, splits all the yoga exercises yoga people perform. I knew everything would’ve been exposed, and if that wasn’t an event for exhibitionists I can’t think of one that would top that.


“Did you take pictures?” I asked, “yea they took lots of me,” she said, but sadly the camera was in the bag and I forgot it. Now this was becoming too much for me, I thought I would ********* right there in my shorts.


We said goodbye and walked back to our villa. She of course walked totally nude and I had to wear my shorts because the erection was not going anywhere but in her when we get back. She mentioned that sand was getting hot on her feet and needed to wear her shoes. I got the walking shoes from the knap sack and she put them on, of course she chose a very busy spot to put them on, and not crouching but bending at the waste. By now I figured she was totally into exhibiting her body.


When we reached the path to climb to our resort, I just plainly looked at her and she shrugged her shoulders. “Might as go like this.” She said.


So she took the 15-minute walk up towards our resort, passing many people who’s eyeballs were popping out seeing this beautiful nude women walking with only shoes so confidently showing everything.


During our conversation I asked my wife, “What was their room like”?


She said it was nice and airy. But the funny thing was he kept getting an erection, especially once inside the room”. I figured because it felt so naughty being in their room with all of us nude. And she added in, “and it’s quite large and thick”. His wife told me, “that a few times during the day she ‘relieves’ it for him, so he doesn't get hard on the beach”.


“Oh wow, I could understand that myself. “So what happened next?” I asked my wife.


“Well this was one of the times she relieved it for him?” she answered.


“And exactly how, did they go into their bedroom?” I asked


“No he sat on the couch beside me and she started slowly ************  him, smiling and looking at me” She said, feeling a little guilty.


“And that was it?” I asked her.


"His wife asked me, If I’d like to help, there’s lots for you too. And she offered his **** to me, as if to say, 'go ahead try it'.


“Then what”? I asked


She paused and smirked, “Well it was big, really big, and fat with a big mushroom head, so I had to feel it".

"How big?"

She held her hands out to a size that I couldn't believe, "no way!" I said.

We were still walking up the path and a couple past us as she was holding apart her hands. She was still nude but for her shoes and completely loving the stares. She would smile at people walking by and stop our conversation to say 'Hi' to them. I had never saw her areola so puffy almost completely burying her nipples the were pointing upward. I could only imagine how puffed out her ***** looked to everyone walking towards us. 

"When I was stroking him, his wife sucked on it, then she offered it to me and I sucked on it. I had to do it differently then when I suck on you, because it was so big. His wife was teaching me how he liked it sucked, until I got the hang of it. I hope you're not mad?"

"No I wish I saw that. Can you blow me the way you did it to him?"


"Did he say anything, while you were blowing him?"

"He liked me to take it out sometimes and rub it on my face, and to look at it. He told me to lick it like an ice cream cone" She giggled, "Then suck the head and use hand up and down his shaft. I couldn't wrap my hand all around it"

"Wow what was his wife doing?"

She grinned and said, "she was fingering me from behind, I was kneeling and he was laying back a bit on the couch". "She told me to stick out my bum, and she rubbed my bum hole too" "I came in only a few minutes from her, when she used both hands, one on my **** and one a bit in my bum."

"Let me guess, you were the one to relieve him"

"Well, he said he was going to ***". "I didn't swallow, well a bit." "When the first shot came out his **** was still in my mouth, he didn't give me enough warning." "So I took it out and stroked him off, the rest of his shots went on my face and mouth. Are you not mad?" 

"No, I'm insane horny now"

"Good" she said, "because they're here for three more days, and I want to feel that big **** inside me. I hope it fits."




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I'm glad you had no problem with your wife ******* him off and sucking his ****. You should let her suck a **** that big. It was fun for her. I hope you let her **** him as well. It's just recreational sex and she should enjoy it that far from home.

wooo thanks a lot for the pic... gonna cumm more than once to thoes pics