Pete & Alex Drained

Phew... It is midday and I have just got up after a night to remember.

I caught Pete & Alex ( two young lads on holiday staying in an apartment across from our place ) peeking from across the way again and game them an eyeful as I got ready to go out again with hubby..

This time it was the full treatment. Stark naked apart from stocking and heels while I did my hair and makeup. Body lotion all over. Intimate piercings in place and then a bright yellow button through silk dress over the top.

No eye contact!

They tagged along to the nightclub where we were meeting a guy we know who I occasionally use as a turn on.

One thing led to plenty as undid a few buttons here.. and a few buttons there. Pete and Alex danced with me all night with their hands wandering, and their ***** grinding against my groin. They were good boys and did as I asked by removing their underpants and giving them to my husband for our collection.

We asked the third guy to leave and took the pair back to our place where I surrounded their ***** with my red lips for a while. They tried to jump me for a quick "wham bang thank you mam" but I wasn't having that!

I made them sit on separate dining chairs while I bobbed from on to the other sinking them into me and squeezing them with my vaginal muscles. All those pelvic floor exercises really pay off girls.. I took a while before I squeezed every last drop out of the pair of them and sent them home.

My dress and stocking were pretty much stuck to me when hubby took over and gave me ****** after ****** with his tongue, before he took me hard from behind on the balcony... as Pete and Alex looked on.

It was 5.30am before we eventually got to bed and 11am before I woke up and looked down on the saturated sheets on our bed.

I have rarely taken so much *** in such a short space of time.

Life is good... I loved it, the boys loved it, my husband loved it.

GRRRRR ......Here's to the next experience!

bazzerooni bazzerooni
36-40, F
Feb 8, 2010