I Love Being Watched.

One summer, I was out with my friends and I really had to go. So I went and peed in the park. It was such a natural thing to do, so relieving. I looked up and saw some older guys staring. So I *Flashed* them. Ever since then, I've had a thing for guys watching me naked. I pee outside, shower in public. ..

Hornikittee Hornikittee
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You like to create lust in old guys. is it for fun.

I've seen your picture on your profile and I think you have a great body. Please "friend" me so I can access your album. I'd really like to see the rest of your pics. By the way, I liked your story.

You can come shower at my place any time ; )

Glad to hear it. Being nude outside is the best feeling in the world.

We should show off to eachother

I also had a girl who loves ******* in public places, for example in parks, garages, doors, etc.

I also had a girl who loves ******* in public places, for example in parks, garages, doors, etc.

It like a new world once you get the drive to show off in public. I love it,

can ı have your chat adress

I love to have sex outside, so liberating. Thanks for sharing. Add me and take a look at my pics if you like...

There is something so sexy, and HOT, to see a woman showing , or exposing her "goodies" in a public place, or while driving.<br />
That is SUCH a turn on for me, as I am a truck driver, and I ALWAYS....LOVE seeing you girls showing what you will as you drive slowly past me, or even drive along beside of me too!<br />
You have NO IDEA, what a "wake up call" that is for us drivers, and if I am a bit tired, that sure pumps me up, (in more ways han one...LOL), and surely breaks the boredom of the long drives.<br />
It doesn't hurt a thing to look, so girls...please show us some skin, as often as you can or will!

What a pity there are no women like you living in my area

Delicious! I wish I was there ;)<br />
<br />
I've added you, would you add me back?

Thanks Breezy (:

You seem like alot of fun sweety! You are my kinda girl! :)

What does"to flash you" means ?

I would LOVE to flash you Philip (;


sounds like a natural and uninhibited thing to do. just happy that you have a place to do this. i take my boat out on the chesapeake bay so i can be naked all day.

Being seen nude is fun, and liberating. You've broken a taboo: Strangers should not see your genitals.

Beach showers, camp showers, friends houses.... *hehe*

Of course not. nobody ever complains ;)

Nothing wrong with wanting to show off