It Turned Into A Competition

Hubby and i went for a day at the nudist beach he wanted to fool around a little but i was nervous on being caught so we did it sneakily. He started by fondling both my breasts while i was massaging his ****. Then it led to him sliding his finger in and out my ***** and rubbing my ****, it was awesome but i kept saying we going to get caught, hubby kept saying so who cares, well i did (at first) then hubby looks to the left and a few meters away were another couple trying to fondle each other with out being obvious just like we were. Some how it looked like it turned in to a competition to see who would go the furthest. My husband would suck on my nipples the other couple did the same hubby would lick my wet ***** other couple do the same. I sucked his rock hard **** look over and she is sucking her husbands ****. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I found it was a turn on.

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2010

where are the nude beaches in Virginia?

great work, glad you didn't get arrested!