Encouraged By My Husband

After a romatic dinner one night, we were driving home. As we approached our home my husband Steve asked me to slip out of my dress and remove my bra. He wanted to watch me walk down our street and to wait for him at the front door of our house without my dress.

Immediately I did as I was asked and slipped out of my dress and removed a skimpy lacy bra. I also knew that if I was going to do this I would rather be naked, so in addition, I slipped by lacy thong off leaving on the floor of the car with my other clothes.

I kissed my husband deeply and we entwined tonges as we sat there in the car, me naked and only wearling my high heels, in plain view of anyone walking by our car.  I stepped out and immediately the cool night air made my nipples stand erect.  I took a deep breath and then slowly and suggestively walked along the sidewalk for the 500 meteres or so from our car to our home.  Steve stepped out of the car and followed, watching me every inch of the way - his eyes never left my body.  I turned to him occassionally to blow a kiss.

Cars passed by and in the street light I was clealry visable to all who noticed.  One man, walking a dog was approaching me. I slowed to ensure our paths would cross before I reached my home.

As he came close I said to him "I love being naked". He said "You look good naked", and kept walking.

I walked to our front door and without my keys waietd to be let in. I leaned with my back on the door and slid my hands over my naked breasts and torso, belly and legs. I felt good and I was getting very horny.

Steve finally arrived and we kissed passionately at the door. His hands joined my in exploring my body. I told him "I intended to be naked in public more often, I love the feeling of people seeing me". Since then I have practiced exhibionism as often as I can.  Steve has encouraged me buying me sexy outfits, lacy and see through items, short, short skirts and plunging dresses. I have had many of my favourite items adjusted to be more revealing. I have almost given up wearing bras (I'm a tiny 34A!). I only wear thong, or lacy boyshorts. I have given up all nightwear. On the beach I am naked, topless in a thong, or I wear a once piece suit which is actually a lacy thong teddy.

My exhibionism has certainly made my sex life more fulfilling.That night we ended up in bed having some fantastic sex and a number of encounters that evening and the following morning.

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You are hot!


I love the story!

I love this..aahh..such notty n adventurous experience wud add... lot more spicy...n sex wud b so wild n enticing ..! ahh...

damn wish i could talk my wife to being half as hot as you are

I'm happy for you and your husband...it is so much fun to spice up your sex life isn't it?

What a wonderful awakening you had. Good to hear it has continued.

very brave for your first time, wish I was your neighbour!!!!!!!!!

Incredibly bold! I can only imagine how hard your heart was beating in your ears after that adventure!

So incredibly sexy. I love a girl this an exhibitionist. Please add me as a friend

love your new found freedom! show off that sexy body as much as possible!

Wonderful story and attitude. Hope you have many more fabulous adventures. I wish I could be a fly on the wall and see the new experiences unfold.

I always wear low cut or see through tops with no bra. Also short skirts with no panties. My husband loves it!

Very sexy. You're amazing!

woww mmmm

I love this story and sincerely hope you will add me.

It's so wonderful to hear how you have come to enjoy showing off your naked body. It is SO liberating. Please keep it up!

And people think being kinky hasn't a thing to do with spice"n up our sex live's .hmmmm ! here's the proof of the pudding .... thx more please .....

wow what a super erotic experience, thanks for sharing

That is an incredibly erotic and exciting story. Just reading it immediately gave me an erection. By all means, keep dressing in the sexy outfits. You are spreading happiness and joy everywhere you go. However, you may wish to consider dispensing with the thongs whenever you can get away with it, as in my opinion there is nothing more exciting than the full view flash of a pretty woman's labia.

Wow, now that is so hot. I love how daring you are, being naked all the way down the street and talking to the man you met was so erotic.

I really love your storie, it is sexy, exciting and hot. Small breasted women get me very horny.

Loved your story :) Thanks for sharing<br />
We enjoy to be naked as much as possible, especially in public :) Pleas ad us as friends :)

I wish I could have been your husband that night.

I can only imagine the happiness you spread where ever you go in your new found 'enjoyment'.

Awesome!!!!!, I want to read ALL your stories now.

great husband to encourage you but wonderful that you enjoyed it and both of you are enjoying the benefits it has brought.

A great story and I applaud you for being so open and willing to expose yourself that way.

great husband, do not lose him

The freedom of being naked is so sensuous and liberating. The fact that your husband encouraged you is wonderful. You didn't mention being naked at home, try it, you'll love it too. I promise you. xox

I agree, small breasts are very nice, I do like large breasts, but it's not the size that matters it's the shape, the nipple, the whole package. My wife is 34A and they're perfect.

Good story