I Love My Two Dogs.

hello peoples. sorry if i make mistakes or anything but this is my first time ever writing somewhat about what is happening in my life right now. but my first story is about my two precious (however you spell it) dogs Dakota and Ivy. i love my two puppies like crazy!! i love being out of breath after playing with Dakota and her rope! how i can just run and run around and around outside in the backyard and feel pretty much free. it makes me so sad when other dogs and just any animals get abused! what i mostly feel mad about is that all animals have been on this planet but when people came into the world, we just had to take away the animals' homes and lives just for our own sake. back to Dakota and Ivy. i got my two puppies at a dog pound.the previous owners of Ivy did something to her tail so that now we cant get too close to her tail or touch it without possibly being growled at. there was nothing wrong with Dakota however. what I'm getting at is i love both my precious puppies and they mean the world to me. thank you and ttyl
harley629 harley629
13-15, F
Jul 28, 2010