The Time I Went To My First Concert

My first ever concert was by Taylor Swift!! right now she is my role model. like big time!! i think i might be her #1 fan. Seriously. she is like the best country singer EVER. (that's just my opinion) so i got to her concert with my Best Friend Kellie and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! we got seats somewhat middle/back seats but the point is, is that it was awesome!!!! she sang song after song and i could hear a mixture of voices from all different people around me plus Taylor Swifts! but i guess the best part was when she disapeared on stage and ended up on the isle on the right of where me and Kellie were sitting!!!!!!! that was the BEST part!!! no one got to touch her or get to close to her because she had body guards all around her and a ropes on the ends of some isles so you couldn't get out on that side on either of the rows to get there. but after she walked down that isle she got to the middle and stood playing her guitar on a kinda small circular disc thing that spun and went back to the stage. the concert was over shortly after that and i will never forget the time i went to my first concert!!!!!!! best show ever!! PEACE, Harley629. please comment!!!

harley629 harley629
13-15, F
1 Response Jul 28, 2010

i really didn't know i was supposed to write stuff about museums. i just couldn't choose between any of the other ones. i thought the museum picture was just to show what you like or something.