Only Alone

I love museums. I have since I was a kid, although my family is not a museum kind of family.
Last summer, a coworker and I decided to go to the museum district together and spend all day there.
I wanted to friggin kill her. I love her to death, she is funny and honest and witty. We do not make good museum buddies though.
I like to stroll. Stop. Contemplate. Think. Go back and look again. Take my time.
She - dear god - she looks at everything once, for a a few seconds, and moves on to the next one.
I nearly lost my mind. I had to skip so many beautiful things because she couldn't stop long enough to let me have a few minutes here or a few minutes there.
She appreciates the beauty, and I believe she was truly interested in all of it, but she doesn't take the time to absorb it, synthesize it, own it.

I need to go back, alone, and really enjoy myself again.
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i want to spend 2 weeks there

I've been to most of the Smithsonians. If you like to take your time, give yourself days to wander. They are amazing.

I am trying to get okay enough to travel alone to go see it. I'm not good at umm.. leaving my house much less my state. <br />
<br />
But I have a goal to work towards.

Ohmygod. I've been wanting to see the Smithsonian ever since I first heard of it. One day...

I think, more tan anything, I want to go back to the Smithsonian and just spends weeks there<br />
<br />
We went once. Dad gave me an hour and a half. To see the Smithsonian. An hour and a half. 90 frikken minutes. To see the Smithsonian. <br />
<br />
some people don't get it.

Amen about that! I have friends who get so bored after just looking at displays in one room and want to go on to the next one. I accommodate them, but I almost always want to spend way more time there than I am given. Maybe we should go to a museum together one day. =D

I feel the same way :)<br />
<br />
When I go, I am going to be there ALL day, you don't want to spend all day at the museum, then don't go at all

I can't understand people who just blip through museums. There's just too much to see, and if you're not even interested in anything there, why did you even bother coming in?<br />
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I'm expecting a slow trip later this year when the King Tut tour comes to Ft. Worth. I'm going with someone who's an Egypt junkie, and she'll be loving every second of it.<br />
Seeing as how I didn't see Tut when he breezed through in the '70s (I was in single digit years then), I'm going to be enjoying it too.

we went to see BodyWorlds (got really lucky and got in free...friggin 22$ cover charge) and she wanted to blow through that one too<br />
<br />
when she realized they were REAL bodies and body parts she slowed down though<br />
<br />
I will stop and look at a painting I have seen a dozen times before for a long time, because I know my perspective has changed since the last time, and I want to see how that affects my perceptions of the painting. I'm odd like that.<br />
<br />
I used to havea friend I would go to the museum with, and she would hit everything at her own pace, and then come back and get me when she was done, lol. I never got through the whole museum with her - except the holocaust museum... she took her time there