I Do

I always have done, even as a child. Not that much of what i see or learn sticks in my head for that long.

Me and my mum travel up to London a few times every year and explore the British, The natural history, the V&A, and the science museum. I love exploring old castles and houses too. Recently we went to see China’s First Emperor, Qin Shihuangdi Terracotta army exhibition at the British museum. 

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Some of my family members went to "Bodies The Exhibition" museum in Las Vegas. I would like to visit it. I hear it is great, and very educational. There seem to be a few of them around, has anyone else been there? If so what was your experience like? <br />
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we dont really have a lot of museums where i live...<br />
but take my son to explore the hidden nooks and crannys of antique stores...<br />
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im very fond of museums myself though

I'm so glad my mum loves to go to these places. It would not be the same without someone to share the experience with. Maybe you could take me there, if you ever get around to inviting me over for a free holiday that is. lol.