hi, everyone . id like to tell you about affirmations and how saying them can transform your life and bring into your life that which you desire,all that is needed is effort faith and a little time .if anyone wishes to use these affirmations please do so thanks.

i use my strong intuition to guide me through my day.

i bring love warmth and joy into my life easily now.

i open the lines of communication ( put who you wish to communicate with here ) by call by text or email and letters on a daily basis.

my friendship enters a deeper level with ( put name in here)

my love life opens up and clearly blossoms on all levels now.

a new level of peace emerges with my soulmate/friend/twin or other name.

id like to learn more about (put in mame) through visions day dreams and dreams.

iam all that iam and all that i can be.

money comes to me easily now.

my buisness ideas are more achieveable now and progress and rewards follow.

i open my heart to my twin soul and let him/her allow them and welcome them into my life.

id like to to bring me together in union with my soulmate through synchronised events and coincidences.

id like you to put me in the right place at the rite time with the right /man woman.

id like members of my soul-group to now enter my life to help me on my path id like you to help me recognise them as they arrive.

i have used many of these affirmations my self if there is a particular affirmation you wish me to do please get in touch .love to all blessings :)
trishkhb trishkhb
41-45, F
5 Responses Mar 30, 2011

your very welcome thats what friend are for ,to commit to help and nurish also to support bless u .<3

well its about time i repayed the favour dear sis. :O)

sweet mmm. your inspiring me today .bro.

yes you got through the trecle and now got your fingers in the honey pot ha ha ha .lol :D

you are so giving of yourself sis :) blessings to you. I actually think I may have managed this one on my own, but you know that story ;D rofl. Im so very happy :D