When I was stationed in Great Lakes Naval base. I would ride the train into Chicago. I went to their museum and was looking at all these great artist and paintings. Then I came across Renoir's painting of 2 sisters ( forgot the name of it ) but it was the most beautiful painting I have ever seen. The older sister had on blue. I could look it up what the name off htis painting is but I am sure a friend on here will say the name of it. It was fabulious, I sat and admired it for at least an hour or so. I bought a printing of it and framed it at my house. My wife see's it as a mother and daughter, but I beleive it is 2 sister. To acually see it in person is something else. Like seeing the northern lights, fiords of Norway or the white cliffs of Dover.
Ohh how I love seeing things in person.
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Jul 17, 2011