A Perfect Day.

I love taking my time, exploring museums. slowly taking it all in, Doesn't matter the type of museum, I have been to many through the year's: a number of the Smithsonian's, The Louvre, the Met, the Getty, Cooperstown (bows head in reverence)... but two of my favorites probably wouldn't make anyone's best of list. They are;

The Isabella Gardner museum. Located in Boston, it is best known as the site of a famous art heist twenty plus years ago. A Rembrandt and Ver Meer were lifted along with some lesser works if I recall correctly. I have been to this museum several times and actually went to school in the neighborhood. it's located in Isabella's former residence, left exactly as it was when she lived there. In her will nothing can be moved, nothing changed. So there is a blank space where the stolen works were located; people stop and stare, imagining them there. The collection is terrific. There is a grand Titian in one room and other classic's throughout. But what makes this special is the setting, intimate and comfortable, like a home.

The Rock and Roll hall of fame, Cleveland, Ohio. Maybe the only reason to visit Cleveland (actually the Museum of Art is terrific too). Realize that i am a huge music fan.  One of the things tat defines me is my love of Rock n Roll.  ever since i was a little kid this has been true.  So when i had the chance to visit upon it's opening... I'm in heaven.  I have spent hours here looking over the collection, listening to music, just taking it all in. The museum is located on lake Eire in a beautiful I M Pei building. If you are a music fan I highly recommend visiting.

I can think of no better way to spend a day...
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3 Responses May 1, 2012

I could stay in an art museum all day. I absolutely love landscapes and especially the impressionists. It makes one feel they have entered some sort of time machine and you can absolutely lose yourself to it and time as well as a good book. What a wonderful escape from all that goes on these days.

I have been to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts for a Singer Seargent show and love that and th Isabell Stewart, but found it so dark. Wish the lighting was better, but agree that it felt that she could enter the room at any moment and lived there until her death. Love the museum in Chicago where I went for a Talouse show, love both Chicago and Boston to visit. The art museum in Cleveland was closed for remodling so missed seeing the impressionist there. Fortunate to live near San Diego with all the museums we have here.

Just went to the Arts Alive show at the Fine Arts. Had floral artist do their arrangement inspired by a piece of art and is always a good show. The two story lobby was fantastic in the floral display down from the second floor to the entry. Always a good show here and in Phoenix where I saw it every year. I love to see the creativity.

I could stay at museums all day. The last museum I went to was the Gilcrease Museum, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which houses the world's largest, most extensive collection of art and artifacts of the American West. Thomas Moran works are featured there.<br />
One of my favorite paintings is at the Taft Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio. John Singer Sargent's painting of Robert Lewis Stevenson. The painting is timeless.