This may sound weird, but my favorite way to explore a new museum is to go alone, in the middle of a weekday if possible. That way I get minimal crowds, and can devote all my attention to the displays.

A while back I visited the Tennessee State Museum that way; all alone, on a day where the only people in sight were in museum uniforms.

I loved it.

I could stand staring at the dioramas, take as long as I liked reading the text, or just be still and enjoy the displays.

There's a new display now...I really need to go back.  This time I'll bring my sketchbook!
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1 Response Jun 22, 2012

Yeah. When you're on your own, you can take as long as you want or go through as quickly as you want and no one is either trying to keep up with you or getting lost somewhere or waiting for you. I wish I had some time like that in the middle of the week.