Lots Of Treasure In My Own Backyard

Of the museums I took my kids to when they were children, two were tiny, yet memorable. One was the police museum. It was downtown, on an upper floor of the Justice Center, where those arrested were initially taken. You had to ask at the front desk, then someone escorted you in the elevator and unlocked it for you. It was maybe two small rooms, filled with old police weapons, arrest records, uniforms, and so on. An interesting little piece of local history.

The other one was a private toy museum. It had no sign, but if you asked at the right business, they would meet you there and unlock it. We went there several times. The toys were all encased in glass, and old as my grandma, or older. I was excited to see them, and to explain to all the kids I took there, what I knew about those old treasures.

I still haven't made it to the local advertising museum, sports museum, or the hat museum (another small one that must be opened for you) . But I do love to look at all the treasures in my own backyard.
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1 Response Aug 8, 2012

yeah, they're fun. That's all in Portland, Or. Lots of good memories.