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Admiring The Past

In my most recent travels I visited the Brooklyn museum. Typically I enjoy exploring museums alone, but in NYC you're never really alone...
As soon as I walked in there was a live band playing, the music filled every inch of the glassed entry way with great acoustics. As for the band, they were alright, certainly not what I would have expected in a museum.

I don't place myself on a time limit in museums, but I felt it was my first priority to see everything before the night got too late. Works of art, in my opinion, need to have something personal about them. General art is boring, something that's designed to be aimed toward a group of people, aimed to attract specific people.. it feels fake and dull.
A museum is the greatest place to find good art though, the sincerity in the imperfections always makes me smile.

I spent a good two hours seeing everything, I tried my best to enjoy each piece individually without interfering with the experience of others.. I must have looked like I knew my way around though, three couples approached me at different times, all looking for directions toward the elevators.
Maybe it's my calm demeanor, or the fact that i'm always alone. Maybe it's just the approachable way I carry myself? Ha!

It's always a good experience though, exploring a new museum. Drinking in the statues, the jars and furniture, armor and weapons; something about it ignites my imagination and gives me ideas about the world.

Unfortunately there are always the exibits which ruin the experience, as I found upon reaching one of the upper-most floors. Never before have I seen so many glass-balls in the most boring and uninspiring shapes. Maybe one or two of them were neat, but it was mostly just tacky and tasteless.
The worst was the exibit which depicted a sheet with holes cut into it in random places, each edge with it's own color of the rainbow.. and only the colors of the rainbow. Most amusing about this was the video playing next to it, which was a man (undoubtably the artist) whom would move to the side, until an eye, his mouth, or nose was behind the hole and in plain sight.. then move away just as he arrived. Right across from this sheet however was something that I could only define as gross. It looked like an anthill at first, then it looked like a colon.. and then I saw the finger sticking through, complete with condom.
Wtf kind of art is that? How can that be called art in the first place?

I realized while looking at these pieces that they did serve a purpose in the museum.
They made everything else look WAY more interesting.

I took another quick-pass through the museum on the way out, choosing different stairs to descend so I could be sure I wasn't missing anything. My appreciation for pieces I had skipped over toward the beginning had become greater.

I guess the past can be a beautiful thing, just as hind-sight is always 20/20. The new will always be interesting in it's own way, but it will never be as free as the past. Revisiting the same ideas becomes dull, and thinking up new ideas is difficult.
I give them credit for trying.. but I think they could have done better.

All this new technology, the internet and it's unlimited inspiration, and we're still stumped? I think we lost something along the way.
Remand Remand 31-35, M Oct 12, 2012

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