Did You See That? Wow That Is Amazing!!!

I have been to the J. Paul Getty Museum. I have seen the Liberty Bell in person. I have been to the Air Space museum (that was an amazing place to see first hand). I have been to old churches, and art galleries, sculptures are...what's the word I am looking for...I just think it is so beautiful. I have been to missions, and it just amazes me. It is like using a gold pan trying to find gold and being amazed when you find a gold pebble or more. I would so enjoy to see more old artifacts. So the next time you go...take pictures or take me with you so I can go oooooo and aaaaaahhhhhh with you.
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*Smiles and blows you a kiss... I love museuma and art galleries

Its great to see old and new art

I love art of all types and vintage

One of my favorite places to visit is the Rock of Cashel in Tipperary Ireland, it was built in the 12th century and is the place where many High Kings of that region lived and ruled, and was also a location where St. Patrick preached from and converted one of the Kings to Christian beliefs, it is such a humbling place to stand on the very spots that so many legends of my upbringing actually lived and worked, its a beautiful place.

OH wow, that would be awesome to see in person.

I'm with you. Those are fascinating place. I travel a lot, have had the joy of museums in Europe and consider myself enriched by it.

I have been to a few places, and would enjoy seeing more interesting sites.

I'm an old artifact! I donr like taking pictures but I'd love to take you...

What shall we see today?

Seeing you would be Monumental! I'd love to show you the local sights in Boston. There's a lot of history here! Museums, Fanueil Hall, The Freedom Trail, The Boston Common. Do you like old cemeteries? There are a number of them dating back to the 17th century - don't be scared, I'll hold you close to protect you...

I have been to Boston, It is a wonderful place...that is for sure.

Any place with you would be wonderful...

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Well hell I`m ancient

ha ha ha Yes you are...an Old fart...giggles. just kidding, I find you to be young at heart.

I am very interested in the really ancient stuff. Like stuff that you would have to go looking for in the old caves of say the midwest that largely unexplored. I very much believe that human history spans back hundreds of thousands of years and not the 4500 that we are taught today.

I love that stuff too...and I can't wait to see more in different places.

Do you watch the ancient aliens show? I watch it all the time. I think some of the stuff they present is a little bit too out there but I think it all has truth to it. I have also read that an ancient library has been found under the giza plateau and that is why security is so high there. History has been chronicaled for something like 476,000 years in that library. David H. Lewis is someone that supposedly found the library before it was unofficially discovered and sealed off by the governments of the world.

I don't have cable...so no I haven't seen ancient aliens show.

Its very cheap to get on dvd. It asks a lot of questions to which there are no good answers at this time. It certainly shows a lot of evidence that there is a lot more to the history than we know but there is no absolute proof of that presented. At least not yet.

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