Museum Fun :d

When I was still in High School, me and my bestie, Christine went on a school trip to London. When we were there we had to go to all the musuems that were there. While we were in one of the museums we managed to get split from all the others, while we were looking at a naked man on a horse. We couldn't stop laughing so we didn't notice the others leaving to a different area.

Even after we got split up, Christine just had to need the toilet, so there we were walking around this museum trying to find a toilet while also trying to find the others that we were with.

Sooo to cut a long story short, we did eventually find the toilets and all of the others after staying lost for a good while, walking around in circles. This is one of the main reasons I love exploring museums, you never know what's going to happen. You may find a piece of artwork that you really enjoy, or like the both of us, get completely lost but have the most fun trying to find your way out.
sacraficeparadise sacraficeparadise
18-21, F
Jan 8, 2013