I like going to the Museums. I think like all the museums for their own uniqueness. But by far the best one that I have seen are Metropolitan in NY, MOMO, in NY, Museum of Natural History, NY, and Philadelphia Museum of Art. There some awesome Museums in Washington DC, and its always fun to visit that city for Museums. 
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Quite a View!

Yes! Its a amazing view. Rocky movie was shot on the steps of the museum and Sylvester Stallone looks at the city but the director picked a morning shot so the view is not this clear. But right out side near the steps is the statue of the character that Sylvester Stallone, played in Rocky. I love it when I see people stand in front of it with their hands held high posing for the pics. Then there is this beautiful structure at the bottom of the steps with a whole history of the city on it through the time, which is cool too.


The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto is fabulous! I saw the Mona Lisa at the Louvre and had what was then a very embarrassing encounter with a guard! I was in my 20's, didn't know any better and I snapped a photo of the painting with the flash on. The guard grabbed my camera and everyone stared, it was awful. He finally gave me back the camera and I quickly walked away to blend in with the crowd. It's funny now but sure wasn't then!

OH! What a memory. It must have been a shock to have someone grab your camera like that. I was approached by the guard at this Museum of art in Philadelphia as I was way too close to a museum piece with my camera. In most places they have sensors, if you use a flash or if you come way to close to the museum piece, and bells start to ring. :)

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