Last september I went to Paris and I had a blast exploring the museums there- and even walking around the city felt like being in a huge museum. It was awesome! I loved the cluny, the louvre, the marmottan, the orsay, the rodin museum... and all of the beautiful sculptures in the TUilleries amazed me.

I just booked my airfare to Italy for this september- if anyone has advice about must see museums & sites etc let me know! I'm flying in to Rome. Me and a grilfriend are staying with her sister who lives on the border between Tuscany and Umbria, that will be our home base and we'll explore from there. 

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We are from the UK, and have travelled all overEurope (holiday and business).

I agree with the previous comment.

There is far too much to see in one visit. You will never get bored!

My advice is to buy a reputable guide book and read it on the plane.

You will never get to see it all, as I said. But it will give you a good idea of where to eat at the right price (not tourist price), MUST SEE places (without spending all your time on a train) and various other essential info, such as cheap travel (you will save a fortune) and places to avoid.

My last peice of advice is: choose pubs and cafes close to universities. Students are always broke, but always have the best social life, at the cheapest prices around (and most speak English!), which helps!

Have a wonderful time and email me a postcard of your travels please (you will probably forget!)

We are in the UK, and are going on holiday to the Spanish Canary Islands in October for our anniversary.

Best of luck.

Send some pics!


PS: You won't need many clothes - save your luggage allowance for the wine. Remember, you cannot take any dairy products back with you.

Have a ball.


Time flys when you are in italy. It is not possable to see it all in one trip. I was there for a month last year and a month the year before. Pack lightly as you can purchase a lot of things from street vendors and flea markets.

If you like your coffee, pack some instant yourself and some coffee mate too as you will appreciate it. There american coffee takes like instant nescafe run through a blender with skim milk in it. They don't have cream in Italy. Also, if you are renting a car...gas stations or coffee shops or bakeries are the best choices and affordable places to eat. Eating at a restuarant in Italy is time consuming because they offer primpo piato, secondo terso etc.,, that means first course, second, third etc.

Have fun. I can't wait to go back and see more.

I agree. Time does fly when you're traveling especially in a place as beautiful as Italy or France.

It sounds like you are planning a very exciting trip!