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 OHH my FAVORITE is the museum of natural history in NYC. I can go there all day, everyday! =D

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The American Museum of Natural History in New York *is* the one that has the blue whale. And while they have updated many of their exhibits, they do still have many that have not changed since I was a child (I am 54 years old). I also remember the original Hayden Planitarium which was very cool.

yes yes I agree!! Every time they have something new going on! =D

Haha if you want to take pictures of a whole bunch of building together, might as well get on a window seat from the airplane its FREE to take pictures =D

Thanks. Your advice is duly noted. Although I am sorely lacking pictures of buildings lately...

Ok its too overpriced to get in. The building is under reconstruction (in the inside) so you have to make these LONG HUGE *** LINES just to take the elevator. ONCE you're finally all the way at the top, people are pushing and shoving everyone to get to the perimeters to take pictures of what? BUILDINGS AND BUILDINGS AND MORE BUILDINGS!!! Not cool man, not cool.<br />
Go to Club Pacha instead (and you can even get in for free) =p

*check and check*. What's wrong with the Empire State Building?

I wouldn't suggest the Empire state building though = / yer better off checking up some broadway shows...oh oh and CHINATOWN (love that place)


Ok, thats right next to Central Park (write down that one too)

Either way, I'd love to visit the Museum of Natural History as well. *puts on to-do list*

I think its the Smithsonian. The NYC one has dinosaurs and a lot of other animals (but I can't recall seeing a life size model of a blue whale).

I'm not sure, but is that the one with the life-size model of a blue whale? Or is that the Smithsonian?