A Comfortable Place

I travel to Washington DC a few times each year and have visited many of the best known museums and a few of the less well known ones.  I really enjoy the National Portrait Gallery.  There's always a new collection.  The last time I visited, they had a collection of art commissioned during the depression.   The variety  surprised me.  Its a comfortable place to spend the noon hour or an afternoon.  I don't ever feel rushed.

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1 Response Feb 20, 2010

I went to DC a couple years ago. There's so much to see a person could really go several times and never see it and do it all. I took it the major sites. Lincoln memorial pic screamed "jenny" and "forrest!!" with back and forth with my daughter. haha. I didn't fully appreciate all the museums. I missed seeing the Archives and really wanted to investigate the holocaust museum. But i did take a pic of my son with a box of 1 million dollars and spent a good 5 hours in the pop culture one. I took a pic with Fonzie's jacket. I also was amazed by the Hope diamond. My son cracked me up, he just kept staring at it and taking pictures. I thought it was amazing touring the White house. DC is so visible and something i take for granted seeing on TV and the news but then to actually be there. It was trippy for me.<br />
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Didn't get to see any art unfortunately. I'm gonna have to go alone to do that.