The Louvre

ok I wanna hear from people who think they know the Louvre. I spent more time in this one museum than any other. I spent 6-8 hours daily for about six months (over a two year period). i loved it so much I became "un ami d'Louvre". I recommend this as you then get invites to all kind of artsy stuff all over Paris. I also have a Louvre pet peeve....people who pronounce it loovrrra....EEK

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I saw it in the late 1990's with my wife. We must have stayed 4+ hours. Would like to go back.

really...lots of ...(Americans) er ...people say looovrrra...... I never saw the pyramid...last tme i was there was 1987!!?!

way to go ccfugee good on ya it miss medi( change the name) it ...actually me I am headed to Macchu Pichu

I've been to it just a couple of months ago! I LOVED IT! I remember stepping into the complex (the one with the glass pyramids), a huge feeling of awe came over me! And then excitement and happiness, gosh! I was just so overwhelmed by emotions! I remember walking through the egyptian exhibit! Childhood dream come true right there! When I was writing in my travel journal, recounting the experience just made me cry! HAHA I know, what a nerdy sap :)) What can I say, I love history and I LOVE MUSEUMS! :D<br />
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I'm definitely going back there soon!

Haha who would pronounce it that way?<br />
I've never been, but it's on my to do list.