London Museums - One Man's Journey To Enlightenment

Last summer, after finding myself a victim of the US's new economy of downsizing, I traveled to London, alone.  While there, I spent so much time exploring museums - especially the biggies; The British Museum, The National Gallery and the Victoria and Albert.

The British Museum delighted me with the Egyptian artifacts and the fact that I could take photos (unlike the National Gallery) and then share the photos and stories with my family back home in the States. I wondered for hours, admiring the statues, the carvings, and all manner of beautiful items that I never thought I would see.  And it wasn't just the museum items that held me enthralled either.  I watched people, listened to a variety of accents, languages and noticed the beauty of people who were taking in the same awe as I. It was an amazing day spent aimlessly wondering, photographing, even journaling and taking notes of the variety of offerings.

The National Gallery ended up being a two day visit for me, as I went on my first day in the city, but I was specifically looking for the Caravagio.  Once that was satisfied, I explored the city more and came back again on a later date to explore the immense collection of artwork. I didn't realize that I wasn't supposed to take photos and got in trouble for trying to take a picture of a particular piece that I found interesting and particularly stunning.  The Asian security guard quickly schooled me on that.  I felt that my knuckles were aptly rapped!

At the V&A, hours passed like minutes, as I was able to take photos in any and all rooms.  What I thought would be a quick museum visit was all day and filled me with a whole new love of art and antiquities. It also taught me that I shouldn't wear new shoes during such visits!

The whole experience has me yearning for a DC trip soon. (Partially because of the friends there, but primarily because of the museums that I never seem to hit on my soujourns to the national capital). The photos I have taken over the years, both inside and outside of museums (including several in Italy) are a joyous reminder of the history of the world as told through art and other wonderful pieces of life.

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3 Responses Mar 4, 2010

I was at the British Museum in the early 1990s while alone on business. I would love to return one day.

Thanks goahead... It was a wonderful experience and I was very blessed to be able to do so!

Sounds wonderful glad God has blessed you to enjoy these things God Bless goahead