Guys Who You Can Afford To Live Without..

I have had the same boyfriend for 2 years, dont flirt around with other guys, and i always keep to myself. Despite this...there is this guy in my class everyday who cant keep his hands to themselves. hes always rubbing my shoulders or trying to hug me. i shrug him off cuz hes my friend so i just assumed he was messing around. after a few weeks, it got worse...he became forceful and rough. i started getting worried so i sat away from him for a while but he kept finding me. well today was the last straw. i was in my seat listening to a lecture and got tired so i put my head back, he was sitting behind me and he yanked my hair really hard and wouldnt let go. he started to threaten me and it was really frightening. when i got free from pulling and struggling i went to my bf when i got out of class. i told him everything. he said he would take care of it...the next day in class......that guy never spoke a word to me :)

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Mar 9, 2010