In a Bar Filled With People

My ex is a gorgeous little blonde, 5' 3", 120 lbs, natural 36 C's, with an a*s and legs that even get stares from women.  She had always had a fantasy of showing herself in public, so one night we decided to make it a reality.

We checked into a nice hotel and she got ready...a white, semi transparent shirt that buttoned all the way down the front, a miniskirt that that just barely covered her a*s, and a pair of high heeled open sandals.  No bra, no nylons or panthose, no panties.  Before leaving the room, I unbuttoned her shirt about halfway down, exposing most of her beautiful t*ts.  Then, it was down to the bar.

We found two empty seats at the bar, between two good looking guys.  PERFECT!  As she climbed into her seat, she spread her legs and let the skirt ride as high as possible.  While seated, she left her legs open so her p*ssy was just barely visible.  As we had a few drinks, she would nonchalantly adjust her shirt so that more and more of her t*ts were visible.  The guys on either side of us were now openly staring and she was getting visibly excited. 

At one point, she excused herself to go to the restroom.  In getting out of her seat, she deliberately slid off the side, causing her skirt to ride up and completely expose her p*ssy.  When she returned, her shirt was almost completely unbuttoned and her nearly naked t*ts were on view to everyone as she walked down the bar.  Getting back into her seat, she was able to slide the skirt up even higher than before, and she sat with her legs open and her p*ssy now in view of the two guys next to us.  Again, she would nonchalantly adjust her shirt, this time giving them a view of her hard ni*ples.

Knowing how incredibly horny she now was, I reached between her legs and started fingering her very wet p*ssy.  Moaning, she closed her eyes and spread her legs even further.  As people watched, I continued to finger her to an explosive ******.  I then removed my hand and wiped her wetness on her tanned thigh.  After she calmed down a bit, we rose and left the bar.

Walking back down the hall to our room, I opened her shirt completely, so her t*ts were in full view for anyone who happened along.  As she stood in front of the door waiting for me to get the key, I raised her skirt above her waist and had her hold it there.  Her t*ts, p*ssy, and a*s were now on full display in the hallway.

Once inside the room, I had her ***** completely while I called room service.  Fifteen minutes later, the bellboy entered the room and was treated to the sight of this nude blonde lying on the bed, legs spread, as she teased and pulled her ni*ples.  To complete the evening, I told him to pull out his c*ck and play with it while looking at her.  He came in about 10 seconds flat!

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9 Responses Dec 12, 2007

The only thing that would make this story better is if your girlfriend didn't want you to expose her...and you did it anyway.

great story

Fabulous story, Master. Love how you exposed her and played with her in public. Did the bellboy *** all over your girlfriend's *******?

Mmmm I'd love to be exposed in public!

I agree would love to see some pics

great story... love to hear more .... add me please

Outstanding!!! LOVE public exposure!!

Awesome story...I am going to have to try that with one of my friends!

We want to party with you two!! Grin.