His X-lover

The man that almost became my monarch within the creation of all that was suppose to be new within my life. In my mind the totality of a portraits thought of our binding souls. Oh... How I miss him so. How I miss the feeling of his enchanting voice. The inner rejoice I felt when ever I saw his face. The erotic and sensual moods of pleasures he would take me. How I miss the charismatic way he arouse me over the many phone calls we managed to sneak through while being secret lovers. Now it all remains within the memories of my inner thoughts. I no longer can sense his smell over my clothing or sheets. Yet I can sill capture all that was good about us when we was lovers. Yes... the after taste of his or our passionate secrets, the taste of his soft lips and the found of his beating heart against my chest. How I miss the desired look on his eyes when ever we stand beside each other. He was always careful, keen and aggressive in how he comfort my unique and high motivated sexual appetite. A true phenomenon of a sensual man interacting with both genuine and male side within his soul. A strong male whom knows his own inner strength and magnificent warm energy.. My question now remains.. Where is he? Who is he sharing himself with? Does she even know whom he is? Can she complete him like he desires? Although many questions by-pass my mind, I am sure we will meet once again.
Jan 6, 2013