Ample Sway

Thin women have never been my thing. From an early age i was attracted to women with substantial hips , *** and thighs. I remember as a teenager thinking that playboy models were undernourished and in need of at least a 50 lb weight gain. My friends thought i was nuts but i always knew what i liked. Some years ago i remember talking this girl sitting behind a table at a club. She had that thin sleazy girl look and seemed to flirt a bit.. The conversation was fine but i remember thinking to myself , this girl is just too skinny for me, by this time i was in my mid twenties and was attracted exclusively to bigger women. As she stood up to leave with her friends i realized how wrong i was. Her thin face arms and chest disguised the extremely voluptuous lower part of her body. her hips flared wildly from her thin waist. her thighs were thickened and beautiful and her bottom swayed amply as she walked away. i knew i should of said something more but i did not. It was still a very good moment.
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2 Responses Jul 30, 2010

She sounds super hot!

Sounds like it!