He's repetitive and focused, consumed with the task at hand. He has all the time in the world and so do I. He licks me, slow and steadily from bottom to top, again and again. I love that he knows exactly what he's doing.

I think he's like a sculptor, building a work of art in the tension he creates in me. He's teasing me with his fingers now too, making a gentle trail behind his tongue and letting the tip of his finger dip inside me for moment before he resumes with more of his lavish licks.

His finger enters me again and I want to grab hold of it. Breathing heavily, I bare down and use him for my pleasure, grinding against him. He responds quickly, in an almost spiteful way by pressing firmly upwards. He is skillfully holding me in place. I look at him pleadingly but there is no way he will let me take control.

With his other hand he starts moving my arousal down, spreading the wetness over my perineum and then adding in gentle but persistent pressure until the tip of his finger pushes into my anus.

I am feeling dizzy and disorientated with arousal now, possessed with the need to tell him how good it feels but the words come out in an unintelligible mumble. He seems oblivious and continues licking me, slow and determined. I feel my ****** building and I'm hot and sweating, my breathing thick and impeded, like I'm running a marathon.

I tighten every muscle and lock my husband against me. He senses that I'm close and pushes my legs together, I am arching my back, moving about and neither wishes me to lose my ****** at such a crucial moment so it's a challenge to keep me still.

In these moment's, I think it's like time has stopped. I can feel the sensation hanging thickly and it's just like I'm riding a wave that will break at any moment. My husband's diligence pays off and my ****** peaks. I submit to the pleasure of every heavenly contraction, half screaming and half moaning as the tension is released in a rush. All that's left to do now is curl up against him and basque in the warm glow of post orgasmic bliss.

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Ahhhh, that was beautiful


Sexy. :o)

Aren't you sometimes in the mood for a banging after that?

Can be too sensitive straight away but I'm good to go again after a short cuddle :o)

Superbly written... I could sense it all!

Thankyou everyone, I'm glad you enjoyed :o)

Well written. Thank you.

Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing with us!