I Can't Believe There Aren't More People In This Group :o

I personally LOVE Eyedea and Abilities... there has been more than one occasion in which an Eyedea song saved my life. Sometimes I swear he wrote some of his songs based on my life! I can relate to so many of his lyrics that it's kind of crazy. I discovered Eyedea about a year ago, during the time that i was extremely obsessed with Brother Ali (also a rapper from RhymeSayers Entertainment) I saw a comment on one of Brother Ali's youtube videos from someone saying that they respected Ali, but prefers Eyedea.. I couldn't help but check it out. I'm Soooooo grateful i did. Eyedea was an amazing artist, and I would literally KILL to bring him back to life for one more concert.. He had a way with words, his death was tragic and he will be forever missed.. he is survived by his music <3

~R.I.P. Michael Larson a.k.a. Eyedea~
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1 Response Sep 23, 2012

Eyedea is the **** I just joined this group lol and can't believe there is only 4 people.