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Truly Windows

Anyone who thinks it is an exaggeration to say that eyes are windows into the soul evidently either hasn't made real eye contact or was too self obsessed in the course of making eye contact to notice what was in the other person's eyes. Now don't misunderstand me for it is yes entirely possible to look into a pair of eyes that are empty. I've had the pull the shades down at times myself and assume the dead eyes gaze. But with most people that I've come across; their eyes tell so much and are just AMAZING. You might say in every sense of the word: your eyes will catch me first followed by your smile and your character along with your laughter. I didn't understand this for the longest time although it may very well explain why for the longest time I tend to never look people in the eyes but rather watch their mouths. No believe it or not, I didn't watch the mouth for the sake of an oral fixation. A man can look at someone's mouth without automatically imagining them wrapped around your shaft. Come to think of it though when I do think of that joyous past time of women, I often think that a woman's eyes in combination with her mouth teasing my shaft would do more to get me to a superheated explosive conclusion to events than just simple knob polishing by itself. Maybe that's just me but I do believe thoroughly in the power of ******* eyes. Moving right along, I've taken recently to looking most if not all of my customers in the eye. If nothing else I make a serious effort to make eye contact, if it isn't reciprocated - nothing much you can do but eye contact really does wonders.
RoaringFlameLostinShadow RoaringFlameLostinShadow 31-35, M Nov 11, 2011

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