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I have find eyes to be intriguing. They say so much about a person. Eyes are a tall tale sign of that person heart. To be able to look into someone's eyes, you can see a glimpse of their soul.
enchantedebonybutterfly enchantedebonybutterfly 31-35, F 2 Responses Sep 13, 2012

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that is so true, the eyes tell a lot. Words can be crafted but a look is bare honesty.

Miss Elle, this is so true. The eyes tells so much. I just wish I started to listen more. Smiles***

True, though eyes can still deceive you if you look at it wrong.

This is true. I try to look at everyone with compassion and understanding. Being if they still want to deceive, that is their choice. I still will choose not to treat that person any differently. I just know, I couldn't never truly trust that person. Smiles***

True. ^^