Jeepers Creepers....

I really don't consider myself beautiful or pretty, and I am happy with my self described average attractiveness, but I do love my eyes. They are like a hidden forest, bathed in sun dappled light. They are like the sunset on a Florida beach. They are emeralds and gold, or an undiscovered Nebula, gracing the edges of space. I am truly thankful for my eyes and my eyesight.

Blue eyes are my weakness. I love a man with eyes like a turbulent sea, or bright and promising like the sunlit sky! Or crystalline and cold, like sapphires lit by a fire within! Blue eyes, and thick dark lashes are beautiful to me!
TempestBurns TempestBurns
26-30, F
2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

I love how your eyes change colors depending on what you're wearing. Your eyes are what makes you beautiful.

Thank you! :)

cool... thanks for sharing... our eyes are the same color

a really beautiful color :)