Its A Really Weird Obsession...

Im an amateur photographer and have taken photos of my eyes as well as other peoples. I am obsessed with how eyes look and how cool they can get.

My obsession starts with my own eyes.. i have really unique eyes... And its really cool... Ill give you some examples just because i'm in that kinda mood.

So there are my eyes... and here are my eyes upon my face ;) haha. 

However cool my eyes are though... I really love THESE Eyes... These kinda eyes will bring me to my knees in exaltation. Simply Beautiful! 

Soooo yeah. Im obsessed with eyes.. i think they are the most intriguing feature of the human body. They can get SOOOO interesting! 
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4 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Have you ever compared an eye with a galaxy/Nebula? SO COOL

your eyes are pretty

eyes are the portal to the soul.

I just love how different the same eyes can look at various distances. Interesting and yet sometimes confusing haha!