Ep And Facebook Are Both Great Tools

EP and Facebook are both great tools.

On a purely functional level, Facebook is so much better than EP. They have a client for my phone that works great. It's fast. They actually optimize their site so you can do things quickly. Their advertising is less of a pain.

I can tell every one of my friends what is going on quickly and easily.

However, only a few of my facebook friends know the truth about who I am. Here you know in an instant.

I am not ashamed of who I really am but announcing it to facebook could have pretty profound consequences.

My circle here accepts me....knows me....and more than most on facebook cares about me.
Kris99 Kris99
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Facebook is for the weak!....

Yeah. Its so great to stumble upon old friends on facebook. I just found one today. He used to be with me in the 10th grade.<br />
Real name helps us find friends. That's why i guess.<br />
EP is great in a way that i can be me here. Not too public like on fb.

Why would you use your real name on facebook?

True. That's exactly how it is with me, Kris99