I was giving my boyfriend head recently and he was lasting for ages. We were both naked as well. He was playing with my boobs and hair while I was blowing him. He said he was close after about 20 minutes so I said to him "I want it on my face" he was overjoyed and he would be my first facial. I closed my eyes and bam it went everywhere, all on my face and boobs. I loved it and now do it almost every time we have sex.
AmyGirlSummer AmyGirlSummer
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Im glad your first experience with it was a good one.

Hmmm, I do it sometimes for my bf, not for me. Lol.

Nice!! I just loved getting cummed on too ;) Feels so hot getting the warm wetness on you, knowing you did it ;)
Even better with two guys ;)

Glad you both enjoy it

You would only have to suck me for thirty seconds, then bam! enough to cover your eye lid.

is it a small amount of ***?

i think thats great. however my wife dosent...

You go girl! All-natural facials.

I've been with a few women who loved facials. This one woman loved for me to lick it up so she could suck it off my tongue. This would get her so excited she would suck me hard again so I could *** on her again. Very erotic

You're a good girl

That's really hot

annnnnnd no one gave a **** :D

Do you wanna **** off!

No ***** not really!

What the ****! You're just a ****.

Awww thanks :*

I'm not in the mood! Argh!

Sowwyyyyy Hun :* :(

You're just taking the ****, leave me alone.

Hmmm what's up? :/




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