I hate the hatred that Fairy Tail gets. On chatanago everybody keeps on saying how it is the worst anime ever. I for one love it and it has made me very very happy watching it. I bet none of them has ever seen Fairy Tail or gotten far enough into it for it being good. Fairy Tail has good art and is perfectly mixed with comedy and action. I don't see what's with all the hatred. They say it's the fans that ruin Fairy Tail, but we have every right to fan girl over Fairy Tail just like they can with Bleach.
Mustlovecats Mustlovecats
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1 Response Aug 15, 2014

How the heck can they say they hate it? It's action packed, it has really cool and unique characters and has a beautiful point to it like its about family and friends, it has a beautiful message and people who say its 'stupid' are probably to arrogant to fully understand the messages.


I agree with you on that one