Wasn't Aware.... AND Not soo much anymore!

of how religious most are. For Kid's Lit I was just reading the Brothers Grimm Aschenputtel (Cinderella) and the mother told the daughter to be pious and pray daily. I was shocked as I didn't remember that when I used to hear them growing up.

Also that some of the people I thought were saved never really were. The symbology behind and the Older versions were more dark and the actually stories were NOT for children!

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In Snow White it wasn't the prince's kiss that woke her up... she woke up after her second child with him! *yells* BASTARD! How Gross!<br />
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Repunsel had twins with her prince who didn't see them until she cried in his eyes to heal them.<br />
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Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother died in the end of the story... a woodcutter was added in later. The story was told to mothers to be more cautious with their daughters.

i always felt sorry for cindarella too!

I enjoyed both Cinderella and Aschenputtel.<br />
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Though, Cinderella is probably the reason that I don't like books or movies with strong injustices. I get so upset for the main character and sometimes like in the case of The Count of Monte Christo... I didn't finish reading the book. <br />
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I also don't like the fact that there are so many women in the world today who want their prince/a rich man to sweep them off their feet and "save them from the hardness of life" (Something a lady told me!) *shakes head*

I don't remember any religious overtones in fairytales, either. And I've read just about all of them through 3 kids and 5 grandkids!LOL