Used To Hate Them, But For A Stupid Adolescent Reason. Love Them Now.

Let me start by saying that I used to hate Fall Out Boy because they were popular when I was in high school and all the popular kids liked them. I know it's pretty stupid, and there are plenty of dorks out there who like them.

I didn't really start getting into them until about 09' or 10' tragically around the time they went on hiatus. I was going through some **** around that time and their music spoke to me. I felt solace and connection with Pete's lyrics. I got nothing but respect for the dude. Saw his story on Half Of Us and found a kindred spirit in a fellow manic depressive.

Plus their from Chicago. Pretty much the coolest ******* city in the world. Go Cubs! Go Bears! Go Bulls!
jdawg96 jdawg96
22-25, M
Dec 14, 2012